Thursday, January 27, 2011

It FINALLY Came!!!

I got a little surprise in my stocking this year...a new magazine subscription!  I guess my mom had noticed that just about every time I visited her house, I could be found huddled over her magazine basket furiously searching through her decorating magazines.  I have to admit that I love nothing more than searching blogs and Google images for decorating ideas, but I am fairly "old school" in that I love checking out a good ole magazine (not to mention the excitement of receiving one in the mailbox once in a while). 

One of my absolute favorites of her regular reads is This Old House.  For those who love DIYing and amazing home transformations, this is a postively perfect option for you.  Every time I read it I find a new idea.  Maybe a new paint treatment, maybe a creative way to deal with a house-related issue, etc.  Needless to say, when I spotted this puppy in our mailbox today...I.Was.Stoked.

***No, This Old House did not pay me for this endorsement.  But, they can if they want to. :)

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