Thursday, January 20, 2011

I should have known better...

When Andy decides it's a great idea to go on a hike in Gatlinburg, I need to learn to say no.  Especially in January.  Especially in January after Gatlinburg has received a foot or so of snow.  Especially because the last time I went hiking with him in the mountains it turned out to be a ridiculously long trek that caused me to walk funny for days. 

But, I did not.  Here our story begins...

Notice Andy's excitement at the thought of hiking in the snow.

Oh, look.  The happy couple being adventurous.

We went with Andy's sister and boyfriend.  Yes, they are equally nuts. :)

Group shot before leaving the hotel.

Yes, all smiles.  This is the very beginning of our 4 mile hike.  We hiked the Chimney Tops trail in Gatlinburg.  It should be called Good Luck Getting to the Tops (in the snow, anyway).

The scenery really was GORGEOUS.  Everything was covered in a thick blanket of snow.

A bit more scenery...

The beginning of the trail had some really cute bridges.  No real sign of the things to come.

More scenery.

HAHA.  Yes, I have hair.

SO pretty!

Like a Winter Wonderland, right?

Still all smiles at this point.

More scenery.

My power shot.  It's becoming a tradition (remember that video?).

Things got a lot tougher along the way.  The trail got steeper.  The ice and snow got slicker.  We busted it SEVERAL times on the way up (and more times than I care to mention on the way down).  You were never really sure if you had your footing or not.  At any given moment one of us was probably wiping out or in the process of it.

We got really tired at one point and just decided to chill out in the snow.  No, Andy didn't die on the trail. :)

Worn out!

If we stepped off of the trail, this is how deep the snow really was!

This is how the trail looked.  Steep and snowy! 

At certain points (mostly on the way back down) we just sat down and slid.  We usually ended up on our backsides anyway.

At the top!

While Andy, Trina, and Cam went up to the highest point (I felt like I had used up nearly all of my luck by the time we reached the top, and knew I would need a bit more for the trek down), I snapped a few pictures.

Sideways shot.

Andy wiping out on the way down.  HAHA.  The picture doesn't do it justice.

This is our, "Are we looking tough in this picture?" picture at the end of our hike.

There we go.  Got it.

Andy enjoying the fact that he just made me do this.  Just kidding.  It really was RIDICULOUS at points, but all in all, it was a few hours of pretty views and good laughs.

We did survive the hike and even managed to get cleaned up in time for dinner. 

The Fab Four

I'll leave you with this lovely print that adorned the walls in our hotel room.  Maybe we are crazy, but does anything look odd about the two bears in the back?

A huge "thank you" to Andy's Dad for inviting us up for the trip.  It was a blast!

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