Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hello, Kitchen Floors!!!

This is what the doorways to our kitchen looked like at about 8:30 last night...

Like the look???

Nice, right?

Yes, he is this weird.  Doesn't this look like it belongs in a horror movie?

Sealing up the food in the pantry...

Yep, that's the fridge in our hallway.

Although packing up the kitchen and taping plastic across the doorways took a bit of time--it was all very necessary for what occured today (and what will occur tomorrow).  Wood floor refinishing!!!

These are the floors that we started with...

We have engineered wood floors in the kitchen.  For those that don't know, this means that we have a very small top layer of real hardwood flooring over a plywood mixture (thus, not solid wood planks).  I have no idea what was done to these floors (previous owner) to make them this color.

Not to mention, the floors were not in good shape.  At all.  I didn't even take any close ups.  I think I wanted to forget.

We felt like our floors were really detracting from all of the "right" things we had tried to do in the kitchen.  I mean, how do you notice the granite and new lighting when these floors are looking up at you?

So, finally ready for a change, Andy and I spoke with my cousin over Christmas, and he has helped us in a HUGE way to finally fix these floors.  We quite possibly owe him our first born child. :)


So when I came home from work today, I found these floors waiting for me...

OMG!!!  Are you serious?  Those are the same floors? 

True story, I actually teared up when I saw them.  These have been such a sore spot for me for so long.  I never dreamed OUR floors could look like this.  I am absolutely, positively thrilled beyond belief.  These floors have MADE our kitchen. 

Until you live with embarassingly damaged flooring, you never really appreciate perfectly polished floors.  I feel so blessed.

Well, tomorrow the crew will be back to put a second coat of poly on to finish out the job.  We are planning to stay out of the kitchen until Saturday evening, and even then, we will only enter with sock feet.  Then we may wait another day or so to carefully scoot the fridge back in place.  You better believe we are going to baby those floors!

Will keep you updated!

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