Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Half Bath...DONE!

As of about two minutes ago, the half bath is complete!  I pulled the last of the painter's tape off of the framed mirror, Windexed the mirror, and snapped a few pictures.  Here are pictures of the faucet replacement/mirror framing process:

We started with this "bojankity" faucet (as I like to say).  Jealous much?  If you want to dig through our trash can, you are more than welcome to take her home.

For only 31 buckaroos, we replaced the faucet with this one from Lowes.  Cheap fix!

Andy working on the plumbing...

We bought Andy some new little gadgets for the project.  So proud.

Removal of old faucet...sick.


Next came the framing of the mirror.  We used MDF baseboard material for the project.  It's cheaper and much lighter than solid wood (thus easier to glue on a mirror).  My mom made the cuts for us, and I stained the pieces to match the cabinets we had already stained.  Again, we used Faux Effects Stain and Seal in VanDyke Brown.  Every cabinet in our home has been stained using this product (yes, even the kitchen cabinets).  I cannot tell you how fabulous this stuff really is.  So easy to use...and it kind of leaves a chocolate smell behind (fun fact).

Giant builder-style mirror before the framing...

Trim after one coat of stain and seal...

I obviously needed to add several more coats to achieve a color similar to the cabinets.

We used mirror mastic to glue the trim to the mirror.

We went ahead and taped up the frame prior to gluing so that we knew exactly where we needed to glue in each piece.
Andy said he hates when girls take pictures like this.  Eat your heart out, Bozeman. :)


Rough picture, I know.  I had no choice!  We taped up each piece of trim with painter's tape after we glued to ensure that it held while it dried.

The finished product!

We kept the frame really simple due to the small size of the bathroom.  I think it works.

I pretty much laid against the toilet to take this picture.  You are welcome. :)

The finished faucet...

The complete look...

After all is said and done, we spent approximately 100 dollars on this bathroom between the new hardware, paint, faucet, and framing.  I wish I had the REAL "before" (green and white striped wallpaper and all) for you to see that this money went a long way to improving this bathroom.  You don't have to break the bank to improve your home!!!

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  1. What a different the framed out mirror looks! I may be coming to you soon for pointers in painting products as I know NOTHING! :) As always, you guys did a great job!