Monday, January 3, 2011

Goals for Our Home...

In honor of The Nester's post today regarding 2011 goals for life and home, I thought I'd take a moment to share of few of our home-related goals here at the Bozeman household.  As you well know (if you have read our blog for any time at all), Andy and I have tackled quite a few home improvement projects over the past year to make our house a home.  However, there are still things to be done.  Not fun things.  Really not fun things. 

1.  First, we have yet to complete the half bath downstairs--but we intend to.  Although we have changed out the lighting, hardware, stripped the wallpaper, and painted...there are just a couple of things left to do.  Why haven't we finished when we are so close to completion?  I guess the other two full baths seemed much more pressing.  Andy replaced the faucet in the half bath last weekend, and we are currently framing out the mirror.  We are almost finished with this first goal for our home.  Yay.

2.  We HAVE to address the landscaping issues that have been plaguing us for so long.  We took our first GIANT step in the right direction last week, but we still have much left to do.  We haven't even started on the backyard!!!

3.  Clean the carpets.  This HAS to be done...SOON.

4.  Touch up the white trim in the house.  This sounds like a small, not-so-important goal, but I am dreading it.  Touching up trim is a great way to make the house look cleaner and crisper, and yet I have refused to do it.  Yes, even with ALL of the painting I have done in the house, I have NEVER painted any bit of the trim.  Tis time.

5.  Clean up and clean out.  Andy and I are slowly but surely getting this done.  Trips have been made to Goodwill and bins have been purchased for the closets and garage.  We are working hard to finally organize our home in a way that works for us.

6.  Last, but certainly not least, a LARGE issue that can be overlooked no longer...our kitchen floors.  Yes, we replaced appliances, lighting, countertops, faucet, backsplash, etc.--but we have yet to touch the kitchen floors.  However, if things work as planned, we will have an update on this goal for you soon.  The days of overlooking damaged floors may be over!!!

We have tried to make these goals realistic and have gotten a great start over the holiday break.  I am hoping that by sharing these goals across the WWW, it will keep us accountable and motivated.  Hold us to it!

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