Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fridge Fun...

For the last 3 and a half days our refrigerator has been sitting in a small hallway on the first floor of our home.  It's  been blocking both the half bath and the laundry closet.  I was VERY ready for it to go back to its home.  Today was the day!

We decided to use a piece of the carpet scraps we had left over from our carpet replacement to slide under the refrigerator to move it.  We put the scrap carpet-side down and slid the refrigerator back into place.

Home sweet home!

We haven't really gotten the kitchen completely back together because the flooring guys are coming back out to touch up a few places.  I'll make sure to get the true "after" pictures up when I take them!

And, yes, I did get started on the trim painting.  I am slowly working my way around the first floor.  This is quite possibly the most tedious paint job I have ever completed, but hopefully I will like the finished product.  We shall see!

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