Thursday, January 27, 2011

It FINALLY Came!!!

I got a little surprise in my stocking this year...a new magazine subscription!  I guess my mom had noticed that just about every time I visited her house, I could be found huddled over her magazine basket furiously searching through her decorating magazines.  I have to admit that I love nothing more than searching blogs and Google images for decorating ideas, but I am fairly "old school" in that I love checking out a good ole magazine (not to mention the excitement of receiving one in the mailbox once in a while). 

One of my absolute favorites of her regular reads is This Old House.  For those who love DIYing and amazing home transformations, this is a postively perfect option for you.  Every time I read it I find a new idea.  Maybe a new paint treatment, maybe a creative way to deal with a house-related issue, etc.  Needless to say, when I spotted this puppy in our mailbox today...I.Was.Stoked.

***No, This Old House did not pay me for this endorsement.  But, they can if they want to. :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Polka-Dotted Pillow

So if you haven't, please go and read this post at Young House Love about them painting the trim in their house.  I LOLed a couple of times because I know how truly awful it is.  They even titled the post, "Glad That's Out of the Way."  I haven't really said much about my trim painting experience, mostly because it isn't worth talking about.  Pictures wouldn't do my work justice, and the finished result is so subtle that only Andy and I would notice.  Very anticlimactic.  But, it is something that has to be done from time to time.  If you are looking to punish yourself, go and paint all of the trim in your house.  I dare you.

On another note, West Elm and I have been on better terms.  On the one hand, my lovely rug was shipped well before it was supposed to.  I was so excited to receive it so soon.  HOWEVER, I also ordered a pillow cover and insert from them (around the same time as the rug) for a chair that I had recently purchased, and it just came in today.  They kept saying it was on back order, yet didn't really keep me updated on the status.  I felt betrayed.  I felt sorry for my pillow-less chair.  I felt like it was never going to come.  But it did.  Today. 

When I first opened the box, I felt sure that the color was never going to work. It looked all dijon mustard-like.

No clue what happened here.  I cannot rotate this picture!

I figured it would T-totally clash with my rug (and all of the other yellow items in the room).  However, I placed it in the chair and went on about my business.  I chatted on the phone, checked all of my blogs, etc., all while keeping an eye on the pillow. 

Guess what?  I love it.  I just needed a bit to get used to it.  The tag can officially come off.  After all of this waiting, it was the just-right pillow.  Thank you, West Elm.  I think we're going to make it after all. :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today my super-cool mom will be 35. :)  Well, close to that anyway.  She's been very good to me over the years, so I thought I'd give her a shout-out.  Enjoy your special day, Mom!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I should have known better...

When Andy decides it's a great idea to go on a hike in Gatlinburg, I need to learn to say no.  Especially in January.  Especially in January after Gatlinburg has received a foot or so of snow.  Especially because the last time I went hiking with him in the mountains it turned out to be a ridiculously long trek that caused me to walk funny for days. 

But, I did not.  Here our story begins...

Notice Andy's excitement at the thought of hiking in the snow.

Oh, look.  The happy couple being adventurous.

We went with Andy's sister and boyfriend.  Yes, they are equally nuts. :)

Group shot before leaving the hotel.

Yes, all smiles.  This is the very beginning of our 4 mile hike.  We hiked the Chimney Tops trail in Gatlinburg.  It should be called Good Luck Getting to the Tops (in the snow, anyway).

The scenery really was GORGEOUS.  Everything was covered in a thick blanket of snow.

A bit more scenery...

The beginning of the trail had some really cute bridges.  No real sign of the things to come.

More scenery.

HAHA.  Yes, I have hair.

SO pretty!

Like a Winter Wonderland, right?

Still all smiles at this point.

More scenery.

My power shot.  It's becoming a tradition (remember that video?).

Things got a lot tougher along the way.  The trail got steeper.  The ice and snow got slicker.  We busted it SEVERAL times on the way up (and more times than I care to mention on the way down).  You were never really sure if you had your footing or not.  At any given moment one of us was probably wiping out or in the process of it.

We got really tired at one point and just decided to chill out in the snow.  No, Andy didn't die on the trail. :)

Worn out!

If we stepped off of the trail, this is how deep the snow really was!

This is how the trail looked.  Steep and snowy! 

At certain points (mostly on the way back down) we just sat down and slid.  We usually ended up on our backsides anyway.

At the top!

While Andy, Trina, and Cam went up to the highest point (I felt like I had used up nearly all of my luck by the time we reached the top, and knew I would need a bit more for the trek down), I snapped a few pictures.

Sideways shot.

Andy wiping out on the way down.  HAHA.  The picture doesn't do it justice.

This is our, "Are we looking tough in this picture?" picture at the end of our hike.

There we go.  Got it.

Andy enjoying the fact that he just made me do this.  Just kidding.  It really was RIDICULOUS at points, but all in all, it was a few hours of pretty views and good laughs.

We did survive the hike and even managed to get cleaned up in time for dinner. 

The Fab Four

I'll leave you with this lovely print that adorned the walls in our hotel room.  Maybe we are crazy, but does anything look odd about the two bears in the back?

A huge "thank you" to Andy's Dad for inviting us up for the trip.  It was a blast!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's Here!!!

This afternoon I had a special delivery!!!

My rug is IN THE HOUSE.  Thank you Santa UPS Man.

It was bundled up all nice and neat.

Here it is in its new home!

I was really pleased with the color and pattern.  Not having seen it in person, I worried that it might be a crazy, bright yellow (colors sometimes look different on the computer).  But, it turned out to be EXACTLY what I hoped it would be!

The 5x7 sizing is just about perfect in this spot.

We officially have a lot going on in this room now (a lot of patterns at once).  Here is the plan for de-patternizing (word?) this room:  Lose the Craigslist chair for now (not get rid of it, just get its striped self out of this room), perhaps lose the yellow rosette pillow (it really isn't the same yellow--send to another room), and move the plaid throw to another room.

It's so funny how different things look on this camera.  The walls look so green!

I'm really liking the focal point being the rug rather than the carpet.

So there you have it.  The Andalusia Rug in action.  Have a great night!  I'll just be here staring at my rug.  Kidding...sort of.

Elevating a Shower Curtain...

Let's be real for a moment.  We have small bathrooms here at the Bozeman household.  And without any feasible options for knocking out walls and expanding, we have to get a bit creative to make things seem larger than they actually are.  Cue the shower curtain switcharoo.

We started with this really lovely shower curtain that we had registered for when we got married.

I've seen this shower curtain look fabulous in several friends' homes, but in our less than spacious potty room, it was saying, "Hey!  Over here!  Look at me in all my busyness!" 

I also felt like the very traditional feel of the pattern was not working with our semi-contemporary bedding and curtains in the master bedroom (which is attached to this bathroom).

So after reading this post over at Young House Love, I decided a longer, less-patterned shower curtain might be just the change that we needed. 

Andy and I still had gift cards to Bed, Bath and Beyond, so I started my search there.  After measuring floor to ceiling in our bathroom, I found that we were working with 96 inches.  The YHL bloggers had purchased a 95 inch curtain, but with only one inch of wiggle room in our bathroom, I felt that a 95 incher was far too long.  So, I went with an 84 inch long shower curtain (which still raised the shower curtain a full foot).  I also purchased a new, longer liner to match.  SIDENOTE:  Duncan would also like for me to note that the curtain was soft enough to comfortably rest your bum on.  :)

Yes, Moms out there.  I did iron this shower curtain.  It is made of 100% polyester, so I couldn't iron it on the hottest setting.  I did the best I could, and we are hoping that the wrinkles fall out with the steam of the shower (eventually).

Although I wasn't blown away with the new look, I do admit that it went a long way to "elongating" the bathroom.  The taller curtain draws the eye upward, and the white helps to make the bathroom feel airier.

Andy seemed to really like it, and he also agreed that it helped the bathroom feel bigger.  I guess I won him over on this one (and the fact that it was practically a "free" change with the usage of the gift cards).

So all of this to say, if you have a smaller bathroom, try purchasing a longer curtain to make things feel a bit roomier.  Not that you spend a TON of your time in the bathroom, but it helps!