Monday, December 13, 2010

Thank goodness for Snow Days...

  Don't you love the tune listed in the previous post?  So catchy.  I should probably go get a tall, nonfat White Peppermint Mocha--don't you think? 

Ah, Snow Days.  I dare say half of our house has been painted on Snow Days.  This Monday was no different. 

To be fair, the man in gray helped me out a bit last night.  We got the walls primed, the entire room trimmed, and the first coat of rolling finished.

More primer...

And a bit more.

So, today I needed to double coat everything we did yesterday.  Fun stuff!

The new paint color went a long way to lightening up the room.

Much better than the basketball color, don't you think?

I have yet to re-hang the curtains and move the bed back in its place...I need Mr. Muscles at home to do that. :)

Well, that's one room down in the repainting category!  Did I mention that the other guest bedroom also needs to be repainted?  Yet again, too bold of a color.  My goal is to have that one finished over Christmas Break.  Just hand me a roller and call me Patsy Painter.


On a very different note, I thought I'd share a bit of our Duncan drama from this past weekend.  You see, Duncan is as good as he can be bad these days. 

Exhibit A:

"Duncan, did you get into the bathroom trash can again?"

Step One:  Look the other way and deny everything.

"Duncan, are you sure you didn't get into the trash can again?"

Repeat Step One (with evidence all over your furry face)

After much more interrogation, openly admit that you might know something about a certain pup getting into the trash can.  Beg for forgiveness with those big brown eyes.  All while T.P. hangs from your guilty face.

What are we going to do with him?

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