Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Painting is DONE!

Yet again, I can't completely get the room back together without my "buffer" half here to help me, but here is the room almost put back together.

Although we now have A LOT of blue going on with the bedding and now the wall color, I don't need/want to buy new bedding.  It will do for now!

I wasn't able to get the round mirror back up on my own...can you tell?

All in all, I like the finished product.  The room feels bigger and brighter, which is always a good thing. 

P.S.--Before purchasing the paint for this room yesterday at our local Sherwin Williams store, I decided to at least ask if they were running any specials.  Due to the holiday season (or was it my stunning painter's pants that I was wearing?), they offered me one of their best paints at a contractor's discounted price.  Basically, they mixed their 45 dollar "Cashmere" paint for me for 25 bucks!  I was obviously shocked that they gave me the deal--I will always ask from now on.  And for the record, this paint went on the walls like butter.  It was really smooth with great coverage.  If you like spending a pretty penny on your paint, I'd definitely try this one on for size.

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