Monday, December 20, 2010

More painting and a little framing...

Well, it's my first official day off and I'm painting AGAIN.  I am really liking the color (Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams) and it is going a long way toward lightening this guest bedroom (much like the last painting job).

The original color was a rosy brown.

Although I liked the color at first, it just seemed too "blah" for a room with only one small window.  The room always felt dark and small.

I could only manage to move the dresser and nightstand by myself, so these walls were painted first.  I need Buffster McBozeman to get home from work to help me move the bed and take down the curtains.

Much better, huh?

Trimming and more trimming.

My grandmama called in the middle of my painting today and said, "You are just about the only person that I know that would choose to paint on your day off."  So true, so true.  What can I say? Bettering our home has become a hobby of sorts and I have to use any spare time that I have to enjoy it.  Painting has actually become a stress-reliever for me, as well.  I rock out to my best I-Tunes playlist, refuse to think about anything important, and mindlessly paint.  The painting process is becoming easier and easier, which also helps.


On another note, I had to get out of the house for a bit this afternoon and I stopped by Wal-Mart.  While there, I picked up a frame for my FREE 8x10 print.  Again, I went with the Canopy brand frames (that I used for my collage).  I really wanted a larger matte on the frame, but this one will work just fine.  Won't this look cute on the lime green wall in my classroom?

Well, I'm off to see about a bit more painting before making dinner for the hubs.  Holiday Breaks...only one of the many reasons I love teaching. :)

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