Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A fairly versatile serving tray...

I say fairly versatile because the tray is very, very yellow

Agreed?  I had spotted this tray at West Elm a while back, but I refused to pay full price for it.  I checked back in a couple of weeks ago and the tray was 30% off and they were offering free shipping.  I was able to purchase this tray for less than I could have painted another.  Easy decision.

However, the tray is also versatile because the fabric that I used to line the tray is only semi-permanently glued down.  I found this fabric at Jo-Ann's for 50% off.  The yard of fabric cost me $4.99.  Not bad!  I think I eventually may go for a stripe (or maybe a chevron print), but I thought the fabric was cute and fun. 

I used spray glue to adhere the fabric to the tray.  I sprayed the glue directly on the back of the fabric (in a spotty sort of way), and I allowed it to dry for 1 minute before sticking it to the tray.  Basically, the fabric will stick and unstick about like a Post-It note.

I moved the previously painted serving tray to the bonus room, and I am using this one in the living room.  We have several pops of yellow in this room, so it is a fun piece to add to the decor.

I totally advise adding fabric to trays rather than painting--so much easier and much less permanent!

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