Thursday, December 30, 2010

Yews Outta Here!!!

You might have noticed that Andy and I rarely share photos of the outside of our home.  There is a reason for this.  We haven't exactly spent the time we needed to on the landscaping and such.  I guess we figured the inside (what we have to look at most of the time) was more of a priority.

Exhibit A:

See those honkin' bushes?  Those are yews (see title reference).  They are HUGE, grow like weeds, and were officially taking over the front of our house.  They had to go.

So, Andy took a chainsaw and killed our bushy friends.  Only problem...what do we do with them now???

We thankfully had borrowed a truck, so we slung two bushes in the back (that's all that would fit) and headed to the local city recycling convenience center.  For fellow Nashvillians out there who may need to dispose of old TVs, tires, construction stuff, or brush, we visited the Omuhondro location.  I had gone there before with my mom to drop off various items we had stripped from the house (mirrors, vanity tops, etc.).  It's a great one-stop location!

So, like I said, we could only fit two bushes at a time (thus requiring two trips across town), and we had to bungee in the two that we took.  The bushes bounced around quite a bit, so we really couldn't drive over 30 mph.  Yes, fellow friends and neighbors, if you saw a couple of crazies driving around town like they were in a school zone with GIANT bushes in the back, that was us.  If you honked at us, Happy New Year to you too.

Can you see the stress we were under in getting to and from the dump site?

Duncan went along for the second trip.  He was worried sick.

The two trips easily took us over an hour.  Not fun!

But, once we made it and hurled those big mommas off the truck, we felt pretty good.  Andy felt so good that he thought he'd enjoy one last moment with ewe numero uno (or dos?).

Check out how much we added to the brush pile with these things.

No clue.

As you can see, much more of the house is now visible with those puppies gone.  Andy and I both felt that although this experience was a big pain in the rear (and we aren't done yet), it was well worth it.  No looking back.

Now, we are on to killing off those giant stumps the bushes left behind.  As the handy-dandy guy at Lowes said to, Andy dug around the stumps (exposing the roots), drilled holes into the stump, and poured this powder on the stumps and roots.  Next, I came along with boiling hot water and poured it over the powder.  Hopefully in a few weeks these stumps will be dead enough to dig up.  Cross our fingers.  Rather than give you a play-by-play on the stump killing saga, I will just post when we dig them up and replace them with some other sort of landscaping.  Thank me later.

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