Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wedding Week: Day Two

Let's talk wedding attire...

I'll start with the ladies.  To be honest, it took me SEVERAL trips to various bridal stores to find the "just right" dress for my girls.  It is nearly impossible to find a dress that will work for every girl in the bridal party.  There is a newer trend out there where brides allow the bridesmaids to choose their dresses (in the same color).  How sweet...but...that would have never worked for me.  I needed all of the girls to look the same (dress wise)--I think it is my "everything has to look a certain way" side coming out. :)

I chose a fairly slim-fitting, tea-length dress from Bridal Warehouse.  I really liked the chocolate satin better in this particular dress, and I felt like the style was more flattering than the others we had tried.

The dresses had sashes down the back, but other than that, they were very simple.  Just like my wedding gown!

Love these girls...

Rachel may kill me for this one, but she really looked like she was "modeling" in this picture.  I just had to include it!

The boys were SO much easier to dress.  Andy and I went out to Street Tuxedo (a local tux shop) and in no time had picked the tuxes, ties, etc. 

We kept it simple and went with a tux and tie--no vest.  We both felt like the vest would be a bit too dressy compared to the girls' dresses.  I really liked the final look--just right for the style of the wedding.

Yay for Andy having good guy friends (plus my little bro)!

I just found this to be a funny picture...Need I say more?

On to the groom...

As you can see, we went with the same tux for Andy and whited out the tie.  I liked how he still fit with the groomsmen, yet looked "groomish" all at the same time.  So handsome...

My wedding gown, believe it or not, was purchased online without me EVER trying it on.  Crazy, I know.  I had tried on a gazillion dresses at different stores and all seemed too gaudy, too poofy, too something. 

My mom randomly came across this dress online and I LOVED it at first sight.  I just had that "this is it" feeling about it.  I could have paid $50 to have a store order it for me to try on, but I decided I would wing it.  Thankfully, the dress came in and I loved it.  It only needed a few alterations and it was good to go!  We also found an amazing deal buying online--I totally advise it.

 My gown was part of the Maggie Sottero "Destinations" line.  Thus, they were more casual dresses intended for beach weddings and such.  Other than a little tulle around the top/bottom edges of the dress and light beading, the dress was fairly simple.  I especially appreciated how light and comfortable it was to wear.

The dress laced up the back, which proved to be a bit complicated, but I liked that bit of detail.  Thank goodness my mom knew what to do!

Well, there you have it.  More wedding details to come...

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