Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wedding Week: Day Three

This is the one about Save the Dates, Wedding Invitations and Programs...

In order to save moo-lah, I self-created most of our "paper products" for the wedding.  The Save the Date magnets and wedding invites were created on websites that allow you to edit, layout, etc., and order.  Our ceremony programs were created in Microsoft Word with a couple of wedding programs (that I liked from other ceremonies) at my side.  Here are the dirty details...

First, the Save the Date magnets were created on a wedding-ish website that I had read about in a bridal magazine.  I've totally forgotten the company's name.  But, in short, I thought the magnets were hilarious (and so did Andy), so we ordered up a few.

Admittedly, my photograph is rough.  Basically, we sent in a picture of our lovely selves and the company created caricature versions of us.  We thought they were cute/funny.  Well, honestly, Andy hated his teeth (I do remember that much).  But, we still keep this little guy on our fridge--who wouldn't want a cartoon version of himself/herself to look at every time you grab a snack?

Next, I searched high and low for wedding invitations and kept coming back to this one.  Wedding Paper Divas won my business with their darn cute little polka dots and great fonts.  I was able to move things around, change out the font detail, adjust the color scheme, etc.  I also felt like I got a decent deal.  Always a good thing...

I keep a copy of our invitation in a frame in our bedroom.  Just a friendly reminder that we were married once upon a time. :)

Close up...

And the picture from the website...
Next, the infamous homemade wedding programs. 

I was adamant that I create my own programs and have them printed very inexpensively at Office Max.  They do fabulous color copies there--FYI.  Well, I wanted to get an entire two-sided program out of one sheet of 12x12 cream-colored cardstock (to save money).  Therefore, I Andy had to force my computer to allow a two-column document formatted for 12x12 paper.  It took a while.  I also had chosen fonts that the computer at Office Max did not recognize.  Another issue that took a while.  But, after all was said and done (and SEVERAL trips to Office Max later), I was really pleased with my chocolate and red programs. 

We glued the two halves of the program onto a sheet of chocolate cardstock (in case you can't see it).

I really liked how the two fonts worked together and the red headings stood out among the brown lettering.  I could have paid someone else to do the very same thing in half the time, but I was much prouder of the product because I had done it myself.  Yay for DIY!

More details to come regarding ceremony/reception decor on the CHEAP!!!

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