Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wedding Week: Day Four

Create, Borrow, and Steal!!!

Yep, that's our big secret for wedding ceremony/reception decor.  Except for the whole "steal" part.  At least I don't think anything was stolen.  Except for my heart, right Andy? HAHA--Gag me! 

Here's the scoop...

My mom found a steal on garden urns.  She spray painted and bronzed them.  Add some daisies and you're done.  Great look, great price.

I believe most all of the table arrangements in the reception were borrowed from a friend of my mom's.  Much better than buying/renting!

Fruit can make for a great look.  The pineapple is so "dramatic," don't you think? :)

More daisies...

Borrowed items with some rocks scattered about that my mom had on hand. 

Homemade banners for the front doors of the church.

Chocolate satin sashes+Daisy=Cheap way to dress up a church pew.

My mom used brown spray paint to dress up tree branches for "trees" around the reception and ceremony.  VERY cheap way to get a neat look.  Canned up-lights were either already owned or borrowed to illuminate the trees.

The lovely wrought iron candle lanterns were borrowed...I loved them!  And they were FREE to use.

Another shot...

We used very little decor in the auditorium.  Our church has great "bones" and architectural features.  Why not play off of that?  I was not into the typical, large floral arrangements at the front of the church.  Large floral arrangements are usually pricey, and I'm not that in love with flowers.  So, again my mom used the spray painted branches, along with urns, along with a bit of chocolate satin to add a little something to the stage.  We also lined the upper ledge of the stage with small candles.  A little goes a long way if you have a pretty building to work with!

Another shot of the stage.  I really liked the uplighting and candles.  Just enough for me!

I think the key to keeping the cost down on the decor is having the nerve to ask around for items to borrow.  So many people have had to purchase things to use in their weddings and are then stuck with the items.  Many people are more than willing to share to feel like their things are at least getting used.  In the end, I loved the overall look and I didn't force my parents into selling off my brother for extra cash. :) 

 Everything worked out.  And in the end, we are as married as the next couple.  You don't have to break the bank to have a beautifully decorated day.

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