Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Making of My FIRST PILLOW!!!

Andy and I headed to my parents' this weekend to spend some quality time, and for me to see if I am ready to begin sewing.  I have recently realized that I am unable to accomplish some of the crafty/decorating tasks I want to because I don't know how to sew.  Well, as many of you may have guessed, my mom sews like a machine for clients and family (lucky enough for me), so I thought she could show me the ropes and let me get a feel for sewing. 
The completely ironic part about all of this is my mom has sewn all of my life.  She would literally drag my siblings and I through fabric stores all of the time when we were younger, and thus the idea of sewing NEVER appealed to me.  Well, it took me 25 years, but I think I may finally be ready to carry on the torch. :)  Thanks for the tutorial this weekend, Mom! 

Here are a few pictures documenting the making of my very first decorative pillow...

We took the leftover fabric from my new living room curtains and cut two squares (the back and front) to the size of the pillow form that my mom had on hand. 

I mentioned that I liked the flat flange edged pillows Pottery Barn sells.  Well, my mom being the crafty lady she is, found some linen fabric she had on hand and taught me how to add this as flat flange trim.  Here is a very detailed tutorial if you see a flat flange edged pillow in your future.  :)

We measured out our pieces and cut them to size.

I first sewed the two trim pieces together at their ends (my first sewing machine experience). 

Then I ironed the trim to prepare it for sewing...

My mom showed me how to line up your trim (it is sort of backwards from what you would expect).

Then we pinned the trim to one side of the pillow.

Then we attached the trim using the sewing machine.  Next, this side of the pillow needed to be attached to the other side.  However, you lay the pieces front-to-front to run it through the machine.

Sewing through all of the layers was a bit sketchy at times, but we made it through.

Then, we trimmed off the corners...

And pulled the pillow through to right-side-out.

 Next, we shoved the pillow form into the case.  After we got it in, my mom showed me how to hand stitch up the hole (that had been left open to shove the pillow form in).  She taught me how to use an "Invisible Stitch" to sew up the remainder of the pillow without making it too noticeable.

And, here she is!!!

Not bad for my first try with A LOT of help, huh?

Well, a big thanks to my local sewing guru (Mom).  Hopefully there will be more sewing projects to come!

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