Saturday, November 6, 2010

A belated post about pumpkin carving...'s been a busy week.  However, I just had to post about our First Annual Bozeman Family Pumpkin Carving Extravaganza.  Get ready to see some awesomely mediocre pumpkins!!!

We started with these guys.  Andy's is the big white one, mine is the medium orange, and little Duncan's is the small one in the front.  Our little pumpkin family...

Duncan was SUPER excited about the carving.

He watched as I traced his design on his pumpkin (he's not good with a marker).

His bone design is ready for cutting!

He really liked the taste and smell of pumpkin guts...

Told you!

I really couldn't keep him out of it.

Later I found him chewing on his pumpkin topper...

Best chew toy EVER!

Andy was also at work on his Alabama pumpkin.  Was there any question as to what he would carve???

An "A" for Andy!

Meanwhile, I was still working on the little guy's punkin...

Duncan enjoying the newly cut bone.

Admittedly, I used all of my creativity on Duncan's pumpkin.  I went with a polka dotted look for mine--it's rough, I know.  Please notice that Andy's pumpkin is still not complete.  In other words, I completed two pumpkins before Andy completed his one!  I thought I was a perfectionist...

Still working!!!

Andy finally managed to get his pumpkin out on display.  However, some time after this photo was taken, his Alabama pumpkin was smashed.  No, I promise I didn't do it.  It was a sad event that unfortunately was not documented on camera.  I apologize in advance to all of the fellow UT fans/friends of Andy that dearly wanted to see evidence of the smashing.:)

So there you have it.  We picked, we bought, we carved, we displayed.  It was a great Halloween evening!

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