Monday, November 29, 2010

Fall's Latest Fashions...

Duncan began his day in a lovely red sweater.  It was downright chilly outside, so he seemed to need the sweater as he started his day.  However, after he had been out of his cage for a bit tonight, he walked into the room sporting a different look.  See what you think...

Oh yes...

Work it...


So ladies, if you ever tire of wearing your sweaters the old fashioned way--you know, as a shirt--slip it on down and wear it as a skirt.  It seemed to be working for Duncan.  He truly is all about comfort and versatility--aren't we all?

For other related fashion tips, feel free to email Duncan at :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Trees and Painted Trays...

I know I said that I would give more details on our anniversary trip and our ridiculous lovely hike that we took on said trip, but my heart just isn't in it today.  Bear with me.  A random "hiking" post may pop up unexpectedly this week...I know you are waiting on the edge of your computer chairs (Lisa and Twyla).  Did you catch that shout-out to our Moms?  They most definitely win the Most Dedicated Reader awards.  What would we do without them?

Anyway, I thought I'd talk instead about my favorite time of year.  CHRISTMAS time!!!  Yet another reason to decorate. :)  I got the ole Christmas tree up this weekend and she is looking much better than last year (if I do say so myself). 

We have accrued a few more ornaments (which helps), and I think I "fluffed" a bit better this year. 

I did the decorating of the tree with Duncan the dog while Andy was at the Bama/Auburn game on Friday.  As long as I could keep Duncan from eating my stuffed snowmen, things went smoothly. 

The tree skirt is one of my favorites.  I found it at TJ Maxx (where else?) last year for a smashing good deal.  Doesn't it feel great to pull out Christmas decor you still enjoy, even after a year in the garage?

We also have to continually speak with Duncan about how stockings may appear to be giant socks, but they are not for eating.  You see, Duncan LOVES chewing on socks...therefore, stockings are like a dream come true.  Needless to say, Duncan does not appreciate Christmas decor as much as I do.

I also love how you can literally throw ornaments on tables and it suddenly looks exactly like you want it to. 

While digging in my boxes I also found Duncan's Christmas tie we bought him last year.  Friends and family are much more accepting of him at holiday gatherings if he has a tie on.  Pair this with one of his sweaters and you have a very ravishing pup.


Decorating for Christmas was not the only thing going on around here.  I found a terrible wonderful crafty idea online and decided to try it.  Basically, you paint up a wooden serving tray to use on coffee tables to hold remotes, books, candles, etc.  Although I had a tray of sorts, I liked the idea of a larger tray that looked more homemade.  So, deciding the project would take no time at all, I purchased a tray and got started...

Well, I ended up with this.  Yes, it is as imperfect as it looks.  I had seen the same design on a favorite blog of mine, and although I got a similar look, I have convinced myself that hers must look much better than mine in person.

I painted the whole tray with a base coat of paint that I had on hand.  I had painted an end table with the same paint, and I thought it would be nice to bring that color in again in the room.  Then, I taped off the cross.  This took a bit longer than I thought it would because I am a bit of a perfectionist. 

Once the tray was taped off, I began adding the red paint.  Oh, how red paint won't cover well!!!  I won't go into the gory details, but I was painting on this sucker for days.  Ridiculous! 

So, many minutes and brush strokes later, I have a painted serving tray.  I honestly do like the size, look, etc.  I just would not recommend this project to anyone who is wanting a quick craft. 


The next little project I thought I'd share was a gift that I made for Andy (and myself) for our anniversary.  I had heard a lot about Shutterfly books but had never made one.  It is really easy and quick to whip one up.  I've even seen children's books on Shutterfly that allow you to put your child into the stories--how cute!

I basically went through our first year of marriage and highlighted the big stuff.  I showed several of our home improvement "before and afters" and the trips that we had taken. 

 I also wrote a sappy little something in the back for Andy's benefit.  I will spare you the details on that.  All that to say, Shutterfly is always running deals on these books and they would be great gift options for family members.


I have decided after all to leave you with a small video clip of our journey down the Appalachian Trail.  The clip is taken from the end of our first four miles of our hike (before we have to turn around and go back the way we came).  We have just arrived at "Charlies Bunion" (a lookout point on the trail).  It had been a long hike thus far and the Bunion was a bit more "breathtaking" than I was prepared for...

1.  I look rough.  No, I am not exaggerating (as you will see).
2.  Andy sounds like an eighty-year-old historian.
3.  I sound like a twelve-year-old. 
4.  Feel free to laugh at our expense along the way. :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!!!

In honor of Thanksgiving, we at the Bozeman household have been taking note of the things that we are thankful for.  Each day, or so we have tried, Andy and I have written down things that we are thankful for and placed them in a jar.  We read through them this morning.  Here are a few things that the Bozemans are thankful for...

I am thankful for Dunky (Duncan).

I am thankful for the good health that we both have.

I am thankful for warm soup on cold nights.

I am thankful for a loving family (on both sides!).

I am thankful for a wonderful, lesson-filled first year of marriage.

I am thankful to have an abundance of necessities.

I am thankful for the many different opportunities God has placed before me.

I am thankful that I have a job to go to.

I am thankful for the opportunity we have to make a wonderful life together.


Now, Duncan really wanted to participate, but he still has not mastered the use of a pen.  So, Andy and I have decided to speak for the pup on what he is most thankful for.

I am thankful for Mom and Dad.

I am thankful for my food (even though I'd rather eat yours most of the time).

I am thankful for water in my bowl.

I am thankful for my sweaters (only when I'm cold).

I am thankful for all of my many toys--keep those coming.

I am thankful for my Grammy who takes good care of me when you guys want to "get away."

I am thankful for your nice bed to sleep in--much better than my cage.

I am thankful for belly rubs and behind-the-ear scratches.



Wednesday, November 24, 2010

We're Back!!!

Well, the hubs and I are back from our Smoky Mountain Getaway (first-anniversary-trip-style).  We relaxed in our wee-little cabin tucked away in the mountains, ate some good food, shopped a bit, saw the sights, and completed four miles of the Appalachian Trail.  We went, we played, we had a fabulous time.  Just what we needed!  Here are a few pics from our trip.  More info. on our AT hike to come!

First night at the cabin!!!
Andy playing pool...

The creepy, suicidal bear that hung off the balcony rail...I kept wanting to yell, "Don't jump!"

Excited about the 8 mile hike we were about to try.  Eight miles is no biggie, right?

This is a better representation of what the hike was really like. :)

VERY early on in our hike.  See how happy and chipper we look?

Gorgeous views!

Gotta love the Smokies!

Well, we are glad to be back in town in time for good ole Turkey Day tomorrow.  Grandmama and Granddaddy, here we come!  Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Wedding Week: Final Post

First, thanks to anyone out there (other than our moms) who has chosen to read, skim, or at least browse the pictures of the last several posts.  Andy and I have really enjoyed taking ourselves back to our special day last November.  It was a perfect day in every way--thanks to all who helped make it so special!!!

How much can happen in a year!  We were talking just tonight about how some days it feels as if we were hitched just yesterday, and other days we feel like an old married couple that has been together for ages.  I'm sure many of you "ball and chains" out there have felt the same on occasion.

When I look back on the year I can see just how much we have already faced together.  Many, many, many home improvements have been tackled (check our blog if you don't believe me!), I concluded my Master's studies, and we've both taken on a few more responsibilities in our respective jobs.  However, I think the most difficult thing we have faced is learning to live, eat, sleep, wake, pay bills, and much more...TOGETHER. 

Marriage is a day in and day out, good, bad, and ugly sort of relationship that takes work, prayer, and LOTS of love and forgiveness.  Let's be honest, Andy has seen me at my very worst (for example, I had the worst bout of food poisoning of my life the night we returned from our honeymoon--way to break in the new hubby!), but also at my better or best.  I have seen the same in him.  And yet, it somehow makes us much closer.  I think you only really begin to love someone when you see his (her) best and worst and still choose to love (even like) him (her).  Marriage is very much about the commitment.  It's about the everyday choice to get up and love the stinky, sheet-hogging boy next to you.

So much good has come out of this year together.  I am now the proud co-owner of all of Andy's sweatpants.  No, really.  Quite possibly the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.  Together we have been able to set financial goals, make big changes to our home, and get to know each other even better.  I have loved having someone to come home to (other than Duncan)--someone who wants to see me succeed, wants to listen, and help when he can.  It's nice to have someone to talk to late at night, share the laundry duty with, and to bounce ideas off of.  With Andy, life in Nashville now seems like home.  We are a family now.

Almost a year ago today, we shared a promise.  A promise to honor and be faithful always and only to each other.  We promised to stand by each other in good times and in bad.  When life is easy and when it's hard.  We gave each other our hands, our hearts, and our love for a lifetime.  Those words continue to ring true for me as they did a year ago.  I love you, Andy B. Bozeman.  I wouldn't change a thing about our first year.  We are not nearly perfect, but we are THE BOZEMANS

Here's to many more!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wedding Week: Day Four

Create, Borrow, and Steal!!!

Yep, that's our big secret for wedding ceremony/reception decor.  Except for the whole "steal" part.  At least I don't think anything was stolen.  Except for my heart, right Andy? HAHA--Gag me! 

Here's the scoop...

My mom found a steal on garden urns.  She spray painted and bronzed them.  Add some daisies and you're done.  Great look, great price.

I believe most all of the table arrangements in the reception were borrowed from a friend of my mom's.  Much better than buying/renting!

Fruit can make for a great look.  The pineapple is so "dramatic," don't you think? :)

More daisies...

Borrowed items with some rocks scattered about that my mom had on hand. 

Homemade banners for the front doors of the church.

Chocolate satin sashes+Daisy=Cheap way to dress up a church pew.

My mom used brown spray paint to dress up tree branches for "trees" around the reception and ceremony.  VERY cheap way to get a neat look.  Canned up-lights were either already owned or borrowed to illuminate the trees.

The lovely wrought iron candle lanterns were borrowed...I loved them!  And they were FREE to use.

Another shot...

We used very little decor in the auditorium.  Our church has great "bones" and architectural features.  Why not play off of that?  I was not into the typical, large floral arrangements at the front of the church.  Large floral arrangements are usually pricey, and I'm not that in love with flowers.  So, again my mom used the spray painted branches, along with urns, along with a bit of chocolate satin to add a little something to the stage.  We also lined the upper ledge of the stage with small candles.  A little goes a long way if you have a pretty building to work with!

Another shot of the stage.  I really liked the uplighting and candles.  Just enough for me!

I think the key to keeping the cost down on the decor is having the nerve to ask around for items to borrow.  So many people have had to purchase things to use in their weddings and are then stuck with the items.  Many people are more than willing to share to feel like their things are at least getting used.  In the end, I loved the overall look and I didn't force my parents into selling off my brother for extra cash. :) 

 Everything worked out.  And in the end, we are as married as the next couple.  You don't have to break the bank to have a beautifully decorated day.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wedding Week: Day Three

This is the one about Save the Dates, Wedding Invitations and Programs...

In order to save moo-lah, I self-created most of our "paper products" for the wedding.  The Save the Date magnets and wedding invites were created on websites that allow you to edit, layout, etc., and order.  Our ceremony programs were created in Microsoft Word with a couple of wedding programs (that I liked from other ceremonies) at my side.  Here are the dirty details...

First, the Save the Date magnets were created on a wedding-ish website that I had read about in a bridal magazine.  I've totally forgotten the company's name.  But, in short, I thought the magnets were hilarious (and so did Andy), so we ordered up a few.

Admittedly, my photograph is rough.  Basically, we sent in a picture of our lovely selves and the company created caricature versions of us.  We thought they were cute/funny.  Well, honestly, Andy hated his teeth (I do remember that much).  But, we still keep this little guy on our fridge--who wouldn't want a cartoon version of himself/herself to look at every time you grab a snack?

Next, I searched high and low for wedding invitations and kept coming back to this one.  Wedding Paper Divas won my business with their darn cute little polka dots and great fonts.  I was able to move things around, change out the font detail, adjust the color scheme, etc.  I also felt like I got a decent deal.  Always a good thing...

I keep a copy of our invitation in a frame in our bedroom.  Just a friendly reminder that we were married once upon a time. :)

Close up...

And the picture from the website...
Next, the infamous homemade wedding programs. 

I was adamant that I create my own programs and have them printed very inexpensively at Office Max.  They do fabulous color copies there--FYI.  Well, I wanted to get an entire two-sided program out of one sheet of 12x12 cream-colored cardstock (to save money).  Therefore, I Andy had to force my computer to allow a two-column document formatted for 12x12 paper.  It took a while.  I also had chosen fonts that the computer at Office Max did not recognize.  Another issue that took a while.  But, after all was said and done (and SEVERAL trips to Office Max later), I was really pleased with my chocolate and red programs. 

We glued the two halves of the program onto a sheet of chocolate cardstock (in case you can't see it).

I really liked how the two fonts worked together and the red headings stood out among the brown lettering.  I could have paid someone else to do the very same thing in half the time, but I was much prouder of the product because I had done it myself.  Yay for DIY!

More details to come regarding ceremony/reception decor on the CHEAP!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wedding Week: Day Two

Let's talk wedding attire...

I'll start with the ladies.  To be honest, it took me SEVERAL trips to various bridal stores to find the "just right" dress for my girls.  It is nearly impossible to find a dress that will work for every girl in the bridal party.  There is a newer trend out there where brides allow the bridesmaids to choose their dresses (in the same color).  How sweet...but...that would have never worked for me.  I needed all of the girls to look the same (dress wise)--I think it is my "everything has to look a certain way" side coming out. :)

I chose a fairly slim-fitting, tea-length dress from Bridal Warehouse.  I really liked the chocolate satin better in this particular dress, and I felt like the style was more flattering than the others we had tried.

The dresses had sashes down the back, but other than that, they were very simple.  Just like my wedding gown!

Love these girls...

Rachel may kill me for this one, but she really looked like she was "modeling" in this picture.  I just had to include it!

The boys were SO much easier to dress.  Andy and I went out to Street Tuxedo (a local tux shop) and in no time had picked the tuxes, ties, etc. 

We kept it simple and went with a tux and tie--no vest.  We both felt like the vest would be a bit too dressy compared to the girls' dresses.  I really liked the final look--just right for the style of the wedding.

Yay for Andy having good guy friends (plus my little bro)!

I just found this to be a funny picture...Need I say more?

On to the groom...

As you can see, we went with the same tux for Andy and whited out the tie.  I liked how he still fit with the groomsmen, yet looked "groomish" all at the same time.  So handsome...

My wedding gown, believe it or not, was purchased online without me EVER trying it on.  Crazy, I know.  I had tried on a gazillion dresses at different stores and all seemed too gaudy, too poofy, too something. 

My mom randomly came across this dress online and I LOVED it at first sight.  I just had that "this is it" feeling about it.  I could have paid $50 to have a store order it for me to try on, but I decided I would wing it.  Thankfully, the dress came in and I loved it.  It only needed a few alterations and it was good to go!  We also found an amazing deal buying online--I totally advise it.

 My gown was part of the Maggie Sottero "Destinations" line.  Thus, they were more casual dresses intended for beach weddings and such.  Other than a little tulle around the top/bottom edges of the dress and light beading, the dress was fairly simple.  I especially appreciated how light and comfortable it was to wear.

The dress laced up the back, which proved to be a bit complicated, but I liked that bit of detail.  Thank goodness my mom knew what to do!

Well, there you have it.  More wedding details to come...