Monday, October 18, 2010

Andy's Birthday...Part Two / Newsprint Canvas Project

Andy's birthday extravaganza concluded yesterday with some moo-lah from his mom and a few gifts from the ole' ball and chain (me).  I successfully kept all of his gifts a secret and managed to intercept the shipped packages before he spotted any of them on the front porch.  Although the gifts weren't super exciting, he got what he really needed!

I wrapped his gifts in all of the random gift bags I already had...I think he ended up with a Valentine's bag and a wedding bag.  Good thing he doesn't care!

Duncan attempting to stuff his face in a gift bag...

I got Andy the tennis shoes I knew he really wanted, and I also found a stellar deal on a new pair of Sperry's.  Overall, I think he had a good birthday.  Right, Andy?

Next, I FINALLY started on my newsprint canvas project.  I had read about this very project a while ago and was dying to try it out.  I bought a couple of ancient books at a thrift store for a dollar, used a Wal-Mart gift card for all of my crafting supplies, and was ready to begin.

I needed a canvas to cover, however, Wal-Mart only had the thinner canvases.  So, I hot glued two canvases together to make a thicker one to work with.  I also needed Mod Podge, craft paint (I wanted red), and some paintbrushes.

Have I mentioned that I am now a believer in Mod Podge?  This stuff is awesome!

First, I pulled out my ancient books, which both happened to be dictionaries.  I began looking for words that were meaningful to me (us).  Andy also joined in the fun--can you guess which words he chose?

Then I began laying out the canvas...while making sure that the outer pages were hanging over enough to be glued around the edges.

Next, I began lifting the pages (ever so carefully) to glue them to the canvas with Mod Podge. 

I also painted Mod Podge across the tops of the pages to seal them.

The edge pages also had to be glued down.

Kind of like wrapping a present!

Random action shots taken by Andy...

After all was said and done, I had to go back and add pieces of pages to make certain that all of the canvas was covered.

Duncan loves crafting!

Finished and ready to dry!

Another shot...

By the time I finished with the gluing, this is how I found the boys...
I could have left the canvas alone at this point.  It was ready to hang on the wall.  However, I really wanted to add a little something-something to it.

So, I found a lowercase "b" that I liked and printed it off.

Then I scribbled along the outline of the letter on the back of the paper.

And traced along the outline of the "b" on the canvas... 

Leaving an outline of the "b" on the canvas.

Then I took one of my smaller brushes and painted in the "b."

Proud of the finished product...can you tell Andy had woken up by this point?

Another shot...

And another...

And I hung the finished canvas in our office!

Although I would love to take credit for the know-how on this project, I got all of the nifty ideas here.  This blogger has really great tutorials for all of you crafty people out there!

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