Thursday, September 16, 2010

Working on the collage...

I decided to try something I spotted earlier in the summer for our wall collage.  Andy thinks it's weird, but you can see what you think for yourself. :)

In case you aren't well-versed in sign language, the middle section reads "and."  No, we aren't Texas A&M fans or anything--it stands for Andy and Meghan (duh).  These three frames will be scattered across the middle section of the collage.

I Googled the letter "A" and found this one that I I printed it off on cardstock.

And proceeded to find an "M" just like it.

Then I found a sign language website and downloaded these three letters...and printed them off on cardstock.

In case you were wondering where I got this crazy idea, the Young House Love bloggers had done this over their bed.  I liked I copied it. 

Like I said, Andy thought the idea was weird when I first mentioned it.  He now feels that it looks "okay" in the frames, but he still thinks it's weird.  Truth be told, if I let Andy's opinion dictate how I decorated, we would live in a crimson-colored house with Bama football prints everywhere.  Therefore, the collage will look the way that I want it to.  :)  Any thoughts on ignoring men's opinions on decorating matters?  Do share!

So long for now!

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