Monday, September 20, 2010

Strike a pose...

It all started with me deciding to add a silhouette of Duncan to our upcoming collage.  I thought I would be all crafty and do it myself on the computer...and it didn't go so well. Long story short, I kept accidentally removing Duncan's one black ear and nose when I removed the black background in the photo.  Since we weren't intending to create a creepy collage, I decided to let someone else do the work.  I found a girl on Etsy who would take a picture of our little guy and turn it into a silhouette.  She even let me choose the colors I wanted to use.  It is set to arrive any day now!

This is hopefully close to what our silhouette will look like.

And here are a few shots of us attempting to get a side shot of Duncan for the silhouette...

At first, it was a complete refusal to stand up.  He only wanted to play with his toy.

Andy tried to force the issue...not working.

Then started the toy bribery..."You can have it back if you stand still..."

We got pretty close here, but for whatever reason he couldn't seem to lift his bottom.  Too many treats?


Special Note:  Duncan was not harmed in the striking of this pose. :)

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