Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Project Blue Be Gone...In Progress

Some of you may be aware, but in case you aren't, we have a dirty, stained, worn, little secret in our house.  I rarely show two of the rooms in our home due to this small detail.  Well, secret's out!  We have REALLY ugly (no, really) BLUE carpet in two rooms of our home.  I know, I know.  I make it seem as though we have things headed in the right direction around here, and all the while I hid the worst, most grotesque part of our home--the BLUE carpet!!! 

Truth be told, I have LOATHED this carpet since the day I moved in.  Well, honestly, since Andy bought the house and I spotted it.  It was clearly a clearance piece of carpet that some previous owner had snagged at a discount carpet store.  It begged the eye to look at it.  It forced you to decorate around it.  It was...it is...not what we want in our home.  So, we heard about a fabulous deal on carpet, made a run to the store, and paid the down payment to rid ourselves of Old Blue. 

These are the samples that we picked up.  As many of you know, you can choose between several different carpet "weights" and colors, so we narrowed our options to three before leaving the store.

The carpet type is "frieze"--a shorter shag.  The carpet salesman felt like it would be the best option since we have a furry friend (not to be named) who accidentally has accidents on our carpet from time to time.  This carpet also gets a lot of traffic with the same furry friend going in and out to the backyard.  Hopefully these options will hide things better than Old Blue. 

Well, we chose one of those three--you'll have to wait and see--and it is scheduled to be installed in a couple of weeks.  We can't wait!

I also made a few "free" changes around the house while Andy ESPN'd his way through the weekend.  College football--what have you done with my husband???  Needless to say, the Dunc-Master and I entertained ourselves the best we could...

Remember this table I painted?  I decided the knob needed a little something-something. 

Just a little change...

But I liked it!

I also had Andy help me move my new chair to the bedroom and the club chair downstairs.

The new chair in our room...

I decided to move this storage cube up as well to help beef up this corner of the room.

The club chair ended up downstairs--shout out to Old Blue!  Feel sorry for us, people!  This carpet is SO loud!

I also finally found a home for my red shutters...

This wall needed something a little longer...

So, I moved the Flea Market painting over to the left and let the shutters work their magic on this wall.  I think I like it!

Well, I fear that this is all that I have to share for now.  It's time to read other blogs that have things far more figured out than I do! 

PS--If you get a moment, please say a prayer for Granny and Frankie.  God will know who you are referring to. :)  Thanks for stopping by!

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