Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My First Collage...

As many of you know, I have been mapping out a collage for a wall in our bonus room.  I bought the frames, found a layout I liked, bought more frames, and recently ordered the pictures to go in the frames.  Tonight I began hanging paper versions of the frames on the wall to know where my nails needed to go.  Although the process took a bit of time and effort, it was really worth it!  I'm pretty proud of the finished product!

I started with my frames and some paper...

Then I began tracing out the frames...

After I cut out the frame tracings, I taped them to the wall in the arrangement I wanted.

I actually placed the nails with the paper still on the wall.  This helped me to ensure that I was nailing in the right spot.

I set the middle frame first and worked my way out.  I adjusted the paper as I went.

The finished product!

A close-up view...

I then realized that I had never put Duncan's silhouette in a frame, so I decided to exchange the "and" picture with his picture.

Here is a better picture of the silhouette.  I would tell you more about where I ordered it, but to be honest, I had to doctor it up a bit.  He looked more like a lion than himself when I first received the silhouette in the mail, so I took a box cutter and trimmed him up.  Much better!

My photos should be in from Snapfish any day now.  At that point I can show the completed collage.  Hopefully it will all come together!

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