Saturday, September 18, 2010

All in an afternoon's work...

I woke up this morning with no intentions of painting...promise! I got up, ate some breakfast, and ran a few errands.  Then it hit me...we are getting new carpet on Thursday.  All of the furniture has to be removed from the back room/office before then anyway.  I don't like the paint in the back room/office with the new carpet choice.  DING!  The light bulb went off.  An empty room to paint in with no worries of messing up new carpet--count me in!

This is what I started with, I am not proud of this.  For those who do not regularly visit our blog, this is our "catch-all" room.  When I first moved in, my belongings were basically dumped in this room and we have yet to recover.  This will hopefully be an office (and only an office) very soon.  Having new carpet will definitely be a motivator for getting this clean.

Another shot...

This is what it looks like almost-empty.  The dresser did not get's heavy and there is no good place for it to go right this minute.  This was good enough for me. 

Another shot of the room...

And another...

After everything (minus dresser) was moved out, I began the process of painting.  I decided to go with Porter's Lincoln Home Beige because the attached bonus room also has this color on the walls.  I liked the way the color worked with the new carpet choice (coming Thursday).  I also figured it would work well for a future sale of our home.  Easy decision.

The newly painted office!

Another shot...

And another shot...

After seeing the finished product, it makes me wish I had painted it sooner!  However, as many of you know, I have had many more pressing painting issues that preceded this project. 

On a side note, I really felt like lightening up the color helped to not only brighten a usually-dim room, but it also helped to make the room feel larger.  I always tend to go for paint colors with more "oomph" than this color, but I really think this was the best choice for a smaller room on the backside of our home.  If you ever feel cramped and depressed in a room in your home, try cleaning it out and painting it a lighter hue.  It works wonders!

Also on a side note, this was my FIRST painting project completed with NO painter's tape.  HUGE deal!  My mom (Master Painter) has told me for many moons that I need to wean myself off of painter's tape.  It cuts down on time and all of the real-deal painters paint without it.  Well, I bucked up to the challenge and tried it.  It went really well!  I saved the top trim out (up against the popcorn ceiling) for last because that is what I was most worried about.  But, I took my time AND I invested in a smaller trim brush this time (1.5 in.)--it really paid off.  I feel like a kid who's just taken the training wheels off of her bike. :)

The proof that NO tape was used in the completion of this paint job.

On a completely different note, I stopped by Ole Faithful today (TJ Maxx).  I had a $10 rewards certificate to use.  I found a find for $12.99.  Another easy decision.

Aren't these little puppies cute?  My mom had bought the brown and white ones a while back and I had been pining away for them ever since.  I can now pine away for something else. 

Have a good night!

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