Saturday, September 11, 2010

Absent Andy...

Yet again, Duncan and I find ourselves at home entertaining ourselves without Andy.  Our leading man is currently cheering on the Crimson Tide in Tuscaloosa.  Insert "Roll Tide" here for Andy (and only for Andy).  For those who may not know, Andy has also traveled two out of the last two weeks for work.  The boy is MIA!  It leaves me wondering if I accidentally checked a wrong box on my marriage certificate form.  I'm pretty sure I wouldn't knowingly sign up to marry someone who is never home, would I?  I mean, look at the toll it is taking on our son...

He finds a spot next to Andy's favorite hat--doesn't this just say it all?  I do what I can, but honestly, I'm no Andy.  Duncan needs a male role model around.  Luckily, Andy is scheduled to be in town for the next few weeks--our little family will finally be together again. :)

On another note, while Andy was out for the day, my mom and I ran to a couple of fabric stores.  She needed some swatches for a few customers and I wanted a few swatches for future projects.  Can you tell I'm really into linens?

I need to really cool it on the houndstooth--it's just that I like the pattern in decorating.  I can also usually talk Andy into decorating ideas when they involve houndstooth or the color red.  Can you guess why???  Isn't it always easier to decorate when you can talk the hubs into it? 

Well, I'm off to continue my viewing of the Tennessee game (Go VOLS!)--while switching back and forth to the Alabama game to make sure I don't spot Andy doing anything stupid on live television.:)  Have a great night!

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