Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Things that inspire me...

I had a rather "interesting" day at the office (school) today.  It was a day that left me wanting to relax, read other bloggers' inspiring words,  and to focus on lovely things that other people (far more talented than I) have created.  Here are just a few of the things that inspire me to be more creative, to continue working on making our house a home, and to delight in the pretty things in life. :) 

Where are these adorable yellow lamps hiding?  I want one!  I love getting fun pops of color from accessories such as this.

A repurposed headboard from the Better After blog--LOVE!

I'm loving the aqua and orange--what a bright room!  Why would I have never thought to put these colors together???

The orange coffee table and usage of animal print got me on this one--too cute and fun!  Why can't I be so brave with decorating???  Notice the round mirror--is anyone else smitten with all mirrors round?

Such a cute sunroom from the Pure and Lovely blog (love!).  I HAVE to learn to make collages that look this good!

My dream office...complete with a chalkboard wall from the Jones Design Co. blog.  Too cute!

I have loved this neutral striped bathroom for SO long.  The couple at Young House Love came up with this one and I absolutely love it.  Mark my word, I will have a bathroom like this one day!

Loving the way they've done the walls in here...

SO fun!  Loving the houndstooth pillows and unique end tables--so bright and cheery!

Well, I feel much better. :)  I hope one of these lovely images has also inspired you today!  Have a blessed night!

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