Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ramblings from a school teacher...

Summer is officially over.  Insert sad face here____.  So long lazy mornings, not always wearing makeup, and spending quality time with Duncan the dog.  It's back to getting up way too early, crayons, and oral reading fluency discussions. 

I've had many mixed emotions about this school year because I am making a change.  I had gotten really comfortable with teaching third grade (or as comfortable as you can really get with a fast-paced curriculum and standardized testing pressures), but I took a leap of faith and agreed to a slight change in my position.  Believe me, this was a huge step--how much I love what is comfortable and familiar--I'm so nervous!

I've been praying a lot lately about this school year.  I sincerely hope that my teaching partner and I can be successful in what we are doing.  I pray for the little ones in our classroom who may or may not be ready for the challenges that the third grade presents.  I pray that I grow thick skin and confidently teach the way I think that I should.  I pray that I can be less self-critical and more willing to grow as an educator.  I hope that I don't let my job consume me and I keep a good life balance.  I hope that I take risks and think more creatively for the benefit of my students.  I pray that God uses me for good this year in one way or another. 

The beauty of teaching is that each school year brings a fresh start.  A new set of faces and new school supplies.  We met several of our new students this afternoon at Open House and it really hit me...the kids have high hopes too.  They hope for a friendly teacher who will be fair.  They hope to recognize a few friendly faces in their new class.  They hope to feel safe and to take a few field trips.  They hope for recess breaks and Good Behavior Tickets.  Although some of these things get lost in the shuffle along the way, most kids really do look forward to a successful school year.  Hopefully we can make that happen!

To kids and school teachers everywhere--best of luck for a great school year!

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