Thursday, August 19, 2010

Birthday Bash...

In honor of my 25th birthday (yes, I feel old), Andy and I met up with my parents, little brother, aunt, and cousins in Murfreesboro Tuesday night for dinner.  We had so much fun catching up, eating cupcakes, and opening presents (well, I did)!  It was a really fun night and a really great ending to a long day at school.  Here are a few pictures from the night...

The night started with Andy presenting me with the mirror I was dying to have!  It's a wormwood mirror that looks old and antique-ish--I love it.  Way to go, Andy!  He also presented me with a couple of seasons of King of Queens (love) and the Insanity workout program.  He listens well. :)

We then headed to Murfreesboro to eat at Old Chicago (a pizza place).  My cousin McClain was given a kid's menu...he's obviously way too old for that.  HAHA!

  The boys--Connor, Andy, and McClain (minus Dad).

The girls--Paula, me, and Mom.

HAHA--Andy snapped this picture of my dad.  At least he's accounted for, right?

One of my gifts from my parents was my newly framed Master's diploma.  My mom had it framed in this antiqued-looking frame (the picture doesn't do it justice).  It looks so official!

My parents also gave me this vintage set of pool balls--yes, I wanted them. :)  My mom and I had both picked out a set several weeks ago--they look so cute in our bonus room!

I just had to show this mom gave me this gift last.  In case you can't tell what it says..."Mad Money for the FLEA Market."  So cute!  Why didn't she become a teacher?

A picture of my new mirror in its new home...

Although not all of my awesome gifts were featured, you get the was a great birthday!  Thanks to the fam for taking time out to make it special!

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