Sunday, July 11, 2010

Master Bath Re-Do...Here we go again!!!

The supplies have been bought...

Yes, I totally realize that the projects never seem to cease around our house...but you should know that this project has always been on the to-do list.  You know what they say--you get the largest returns on bathroom and kitchen improvements!  All of our bathrooms in the house have been found slightly lacking.  We tackled the guest bath first because it had the biggest issues.  Remember that nasty flooring and hole in the tub?  Yeah, no wonder we started with that one!  However, after completing the guest bath and seeing the transformation, it left me really itching to tackle our master bathroom.  I mean it only seemed fair for our bathroom to be at least as nice as our guests' bath, right?

So, seeing as though my precious summer is coming to a quick close, Andy and I decided to bite the bullet and purchase the items we needed to get the job done.  Here are a few sneak peeks at what we got (the pendant light is not exactly what we purchased--but you get the idea)...
So, as you can see, we are going with a totally different look in our bathroom.  I had actually intended this from the beginning.  With every cabinet knob, shower curtain rod, toilet paper holder, and towel ring we replaced--I tried to keep with the oil-rubbed bronze look.  I wanted this bathroom to veer away from the typical satin nickel that we have used throughout the rest of the house.  Basically, I am trying my darnedest to give our bathroom a totally different look.  Why?  Because a master bath is SO important, and we don't have the best set up for one...

As you can see, we have a split bathroom.  We have the single sink vanity actually connected to our bedroom, and then the shower/toilet area is separate.  Some might say this isn't the best layout (I would agree).  Therefore, we need to make this re-do look really spiffy (so that maybe the layout will be slightly overlooked)!  We want it to look more dramatic--and yet, it needs to flow with the master bedroom (because there is no division).  Not easy!!!

You might also have noticed that we have to deal with many of the same issues that we dealt with in the guest bathroom...

I thought so!!!

So, knowing we had to mount a light fixture from the above-pictured box, we decided to go with pendant lighting.  We intend to hang two, and are hoping that the glass we chose will complete the "look" that we were going for.  We also purchased a large, rectangular mirror from TJ Maxx to replace this lovely one .  Has anyone else noticed their AMAZING deals on mirrors there???  The new granite vanity top will also help to complete the look (much better than the seashell), along with the awesome oil-rubbed bronze faucet we picked out!  Andy and I were both drawn to the old-school look of this particular faucet.  Hopefully it will work!

In case you were wondering, yes, the honeycomb linoleum will also be replaced with the same ceramic tile that we used in the guest bathroom.  There was a part of me that wanted to do something totally different with the flooring in this bath, but it really didn't make sense.  We are going to be able to use leftovers from the other bathroom to complete this flooring--money saver!!!

We are hoping to begin with the ceramic tile flooring this coming weekend.  Based on that project, we will decide when to deal with the other things that have to be done.  The toilet will have to be pulled for the flooring project, so we are REALLY looking forward to that. :(  It will all be worth it in the end!  I'll keep you posted as we go!

***In case you were wondering, Despicable Me is SUCH a cute movie.  How I got Andy into that movie, I am still  not sure...but we both really enjoyed it.  So if you are in the mood for a clean kiddish movie--go see it!***

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