Saturday, July 17, 2010

Master bath is tiled...and we didn't kill each other!!!

Well, it was a long day, but we do have something to show for it!  Our day started with a bathroom that looked something like this...

And it ended with a bathroom that looks something like this...

Much better, right???  Here's how we got to this point...

First, we pulled the smelly potty.  Not a lot of fun!

Attempting to drain the potty as well as we could to prepare for moving it out of the bathroom.

Next, the quarter-round had to be pried off...carefully, so as not to damage it. 


Next, we ripped up the linoleum.  Bye-bye honeycomb flooring!!!  (We chose to rip the flooring up because it was loose around the tub anyway--some people can simply tile right over the existing flooring.)

Ripping up the linoleum-carpet connector piece (don't know the official term).  We had a different connctor piece to add that is made specifically for tile-to-carpet connections.

After the ripping out...lovely isn't it???

Beginning the tiling process!!!  A very messy job. :(

What is Duncan doing amidst all of this fun???  Chilling out...


Trying to measure out pieces and cuts we need to make.  Also trying not to move the tiles around (they will slip and slide on you even after being glued down).

What is Duncan doing???  Sleeping...

A shot of the saw man at work...

A close-up...Andy is VERY particular about his saw cuts.  He was a bit slow, but very accurate. :)

Almost finished!  We had to run to Lowes for the FOURTH time to get more tile to finish this row.  Someone can't estimate tile very well!!! (ME)

The most difficult cuts came from this little area.  It felt a little like we were putting together a that wasn't very fun. :(

Back to where this post started...the almost-finished floors.  Tomorrow we will have to grout, but at least we are done for the day!

So proud...

So glad we were able to do this on our own!  My mom taught me well! Yes, I realize I am looking REALLY rough by the end of this process--it was a lot of work, okay?

How did Duncan celebrate???  By doing the same thing he had been doing ALL day, of course!  Yes, he is the laziest dog we know...but we love him.

More updates to come!

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