Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lamp Revamp!!!

I got busy on my new little Goodwill find, and I'm really happy with the results.  I've been wanting a white lamp for some time, so that's the look I went for.  Here are the before and afters:

The before...I saw potential!!!

The after...Only a can of white spray paint and a new shade needed to make this a cute little lamp!

The shade came from Wal-Mart and I LOVED the textured look.  It gave the lamp a little more dimension.  I thought it turned out well!

On another note, Andy has been slightly harassing me about our dreaded "back room."  This was the room that I had originally moved all of my stuff into when I moved out of my apartment last summer (to prepare for living in numerous other places before our wedding).  This room has continued to be a sore subject.  It has been an absolute wreck--to the point that we close it off completely when guests come over.  We don't want anyone to know we live this way!  No, really, I think I could have landed us on the Hoarders show just based on this room in our house!  So today while Andy was away at work, I tackled it.  Why had I waited so long, you ask?  I didn't know where everything was going to go!  We have so many things that need to be yard-sold or Goodwilled...but we have yet to do either.  Here is what I started with today:

I know, okay?  It was really bad.  I'd like to say that I threw things on the floor to "stage" this picture, but I didn't.  Please tell me there is one person out there that has a spot like this in his/her home???  After much work and cleaning out (and much moving to the garage--don't even ask what that looks like)...Mr. Bozeman was welcomed home to this:

Yes, I turned on all of the lamps in the room and "revealed" the room to Andy like they do on decorating shows.  It was a big deal!!!

Don't you LOVE the blue carpet?  We picked it out ourselves!  NOT!!!  We hate it...but it shall stay for now. :)  We can't fix everything, right?  The office chair to the left is marking where the new desk will go.  I am hoping to land a desk from my dad's office (he's cleaning out) to paint or do something crazy with.  Ask Andy sometime about what happened to his old desk that should have gone in that spot.  He LOVES that story (it might involve me attempting to move an already wobbly desk).

Ignore the mismatched furniture and random Christmas wreath that later made its way to the garage.  This will forever be the catch-all room in the house.  Hey, if we can have most of the other rooms looking semi-put together, I figure we are doing well!

Is there a messy project you've yet to tackle?  Do it!  It feels so much better once it's complete. :)

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