Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gift from Grammy...

So, I had always said that I would NEVER be one to dress my dog.  That was before Andy and I found a dog mullet in the Halloween costume section of Target (though not really clothing, you get the idea).  And before we found the Christmas tie for dogs at Wal-Mart during the holidays.  And before Duncan was really cold this past winter and Grammy sent him up some really warm dog sweaters...

All that to say, I officially find it hilariously worthwhile to dress up Duncan the dog.  Here is Grammy's latest donation to Duncan's clothing collection.

It's a striped polo!!! HAHA!

Andy dressing poor Duncan...

Duncan going back to chewing on his bone--not bothered at all by his handsome little shirt!

We did remove the shirt for Duncan to go to bed, but we fully intend to pull this out when a special occasion comes up.  He needs to be dressed for success, right?  Thanks Grammy!

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