Monday, July 26, 2010

Flea Market Finds & Family Visits

I'll start with the Flea Market.  Honestly, it is one big sweaty blur in my mind. :)  One of my besties, Rachel, drove up to go with me and we really dressed the part.  Casual clothes, little to no makeup, and bottled water packaged in her purse (thanks Rachel!)--we luckily survived the heat.  We decided to go Friday morning around 10 to hopefully beat the worst of the heat.  We found that many of the vendors had either not yet shown up or were not coming due to the heat.  However, we still found some deals!!!

First, I found a rustic coffee table sold by an older man with very few teeth.  Even though Andy's first words were, "Why do we need another coffee table?"--he has since changed his tune.  Here was my thought the bonus room, we only had room for one end table.  Therefore, guests (and Andy) have no place to put drinks, food, remotes, etc.--unless they happen to be sitting next to the one end table (which is usually where I am parked).  So, by trading out the coffee table in the living room and moving it to the bonus room--we magically create more tabletop space!  Here is how things ended up around here...

The new coffee table!

I loved the chunky, rustic design.  The size is also a bit smaller (so a bit more appropriate) for the space.  It somehow makes the jumbo couch and chair feel smaller.

It has a paneled top that I was also really drawn to.  Remember that rustic wooden TJ Maxx find that I risked my life for?  It makes that piece make even more sense in the room!

Although I hate to show you our "catch-all" bonus room, I wanted to show you the old coffee table in its new home.  It actually works much better in here...Andy even ate his dinner on this tabletop last night.  He's not so negative now!

My other Flea Market purchase was actually something I was going to ask for for my birthday...oops!  I had asked my mom for either two small shutters or one large shutter (that I could chop in half) to do a picture project with (that I have saved in my "idea" file).  Well, I happened upon these little guys...

The lady who was selling them was SO funny. I asked her how much she wanted for the pair and she replied, "Well honey, if you want 'em, I'll give 'em to you for 5 bucks."  Hello!!!  If you have been in the market for old shutters lately, many vendors jack up the price considerably.  I couldn't let a steal get away!  When I told my mom that I had bought them she replied, "Well, I guess it's socks and undies for your birthday!"  :)

Rachel also found her own little steals, but one is for her mom's upcoming birthday, so I feel like I need to keep them under wraps.  Just know she got some cute stuff!

As for the family visits, we drove down to Albany, Georgia this weekend to visit with Andy's side of the family.  We had a great time!  We don't get down there as often as we'd like because it is quite a drive, but it is always worth the effort!  We hope to see everyone again very soon. :)  Duncan also made the visit and seemed to win everyone over.  He's such a good little traveler!

Lastly, I wanted to show a couple of little things around the house that I have been meaning to show on here.  First, the rock candy lamp found a place in our home.  Andy and I really like it!

Yes, it made its home next to the infamous Craigslist chair.  It gives off a lot of light and I am really happy with it!

Next, I wanted to show you what I ended up doing with the candle holders that had held the lemons and limes that I put in the iron piece that I spray painted.  Even if you don't know what I am talking about, you can see the new decor!

I ended up finding the wooden woven balls (I'm quite sure there is a better name) at Target for 4 bucks, and my mom found the AWESOME moss balls (that I had been looking all over town for) at Dollar Tree for a dollar!  I really liked the natural feel these items brought to the candle holders.  I think I need to eventually neutralize the candles...but it is really hard to justify when these candles work just fine!

Well, I think that's all that I have.  I am set to leave for a staff retreat this afternoon, so I am hoping that the Hubster will pick up the blog while I am gone.  He honestly does have things to share!  Not to give too much away, but Andy supervised his first audit last week!!!  A really big deal for him/us.  So, please show him some love if he decides to bless you with his words.  I know it's nice to have a break from my writing. :)  Have a happy Monday!

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