Monday, July 5, 2010

Birthdays and Buys...

Well, as tradition would have it, we celebrated July 4th with my grandmama for her birthday.  Yes, she was born on Independence Day and has been a firecracker ever since. :)  She turned 35 this year, right Grandmama?  She said she's decided to count backwards on birthdays now, so I'm assuming she's somewhere around that age. :)  We had a good time with the fam and ate way too much (as usual). 

Earlier in the weekend we traveled to Jackson, Tennessee for a wedding.  Duncan also made the trip and stayed at Grammy's house while we were at the ceremony.  It seems that it is still semi-inappropriate for dogs to attend weddings...too bad.  Duncan even has a tie!!!  However, he did enjoy coming along for the ride (he hates being left behind).  This is what his car ride looked like...

Here he is attempting to sleep in the back seat...he wedged his head between our dress clothes to block out the sunlight. :)

Sometimes he loves to sit here...between Andy's legs as he drives.  Probably not the safest place to be...but it's cooler down there!

This was taken before we left...Andy gave Duncan one of MY t-shirts to wear.  That might need to be washed again!

Today, Andy was off of work!  Woo-Hoo--thanks HCA!  So, I proceeded to drag him all over town. :)  I had found a pair of Parsons chairs at TJ Maxx that I loved (and were a great buy), and I needed him to OK them (even though I was using my graduation moo-lah).  He agreed that they were "nice" and we brought them home with us!  I really like these additions!

The new chairs!!!  I really liked the stitching and the red coloring--perfect for our dining room. :)

This was the set-up before the Parsons worked fine, but I LOVE the look of having different chairs at the ends of the table. 

Thus, the Parsons chairs come in to play...

The new look--I really like it!  The other two chairs will eventually make their way into our home office for extra seating.  I'm hoping to have a scrapbooking table set up some day so I will need an extra chair or two!

I also took Andy to a couple of Goodwill stores to see if they had anything interesting.  I found this little guy for a steal...
I'm already thinking up plans to make this puppy my own!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th!  Enjoy the week!

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