Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pictures of the progress...

My dad graciously decided to come up yesterday to help wind down the bathroom re-do process.  My sister is living with us this summer, so we are really in need of two bathrooms.  He got to the house around 9:30...he left around 7:30.  Can you tell what kind of day we had???

As with most of the re-do projects on our house, we seem to always run into issues that take numerous trips to Lowes/Home Depot (there were 3 of those runs yesterday) and much more time than we intended.  However, the big tasks were completed yesterday:  The new vanity top and faucet are in, the new mounting for the light is nearly complete (needs touch-up paint), the new light fixture is mounted, the quarter round is reattached, the room has been caulked, and the toilet is in again.  I won't go into all of the various "snags" in the process because, really, it isn't all that exciting.  Just be careful when changing the size of your vanity skews the plumbing enough to make it really difficult to get a new faucet hooked up. :)  Many thanks to my dad--you're the best!!!

Here are some pictures of the process.  I will post the real-deal, completed guest bathroom pictures when I touch up the paint, spackle/ sand/ paint the mirror wall, mount the new mirror, and get the decorative stuff back in the room.  We are almost finished!!!

Here is the gaping hole that was left when we took out the grate-looking piece that covered the flourescent light over the vanity.  We decided to completely cover the hole and rewire/remount a new fixture onto the covering we created.
We bought a piece of birch plywood (it has less knots/is smoother) to be painted and mounted over the hole.
I painted the wood to be the same color as the wall (duh!). :)
This is the new fixture already mounted to the plywood.  We also added trim pieces that I will show later once I touch it up with paint. A much better look!
This is a picture of the old vanity top.  It was off-white and didn't really shine anymore.  It also had a seashell shaped bowl...jealous???
The vanity minus the seashell top...
The new vanity top is true white and is lacking the seashell shape--thank goodness!

Like I said, more pictures to come as I get things cleaned up.  Our house has been an absolute wreck with all of this mess--I am so ready to have things put back together! 

My last few posts have been slightly "blah" as I like to say.  To pump some life back into the ole' blog I thought I would leave you with another of Duncan's adventures...

"Hi!  I'm not up to anything.  Just wanted to sit in a chair for once!"
"What?  I just like the view from up here!"
"Well, maybe while I'm here I'll just get a little nibble of this sweet potato here..."
"Oh, why not just dive in!?!"

For whatever reason, Duncan seems to believe that if we are just in the next room that we have no idea what he is up to.  Yes, these dishes were washed well after this and Duncan has had a haircut. :)  Have a great weekend!

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  1. Love the re-do posts...we are also (continually:-) in re-do process at our house too. Hope you all are having a super summer!