Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mini-Project and Fabric Swatches...

First off, stop right where you are...JoAnn Fabrics is having a HUGE sale!  I stopped by there yesterday to look for fabric swatches for my Craigslist chair...and found NO fabrics that would work.  However, as usual, I found something else instead!  The store was running a 60% off sale on all frames and artwork.  The artwork was a bust, but I found some frames!  I have an awkward wall between two doorways upstairs that I needed to do something about-- especially since I am working so hard to paint up there!  Therefore, I bought 3 differing 5x7 black frames to house some of my favorite pictures.

I then went to Snapfish online to order 3 of my favorite pictures in black-and-white and in the 5x7 size.  Here is a sneak peek of one of my cherished pictures that will be making it in one of the frames...

This picture will forever make me smile--poor Andy having to haul me around for this picture. :)

So, total cost for this little project???  Approximately 20 bucks!  Can't beat that!!!  And at some point, perhaps I can add to my collection and make one of those awesome Pottery Barn black-and-white collages I've always dreamed about.  But this will do for now!

On to my next adventure...the infamous Craigslist chair.  I have great plans for this little jewel, but I am desperately attempting to do it for a bargain.  I have found that the fabric alone may cost me more than the chair--ridiculous!!!  I found a clearance fabric at Fabric House (love!) yesterday that I am hoping will take my chair where I want it to go...

Nothing too exciting...just a basic stripe, right?  Well, look what I am working with in this room...

Any fabric I choose for this chair has to work with the existing fabrics in the room.  Do you see my problem?  Try walking around a fabric store with all of these thoughts and fabrics in your head!  As usual, decorating stumps me and I stick to what I know/like.  I have always gravitated toward clean lines and simple fabrics...stripes and dots always work for me.  Also, I found an inspiring chair while blog-reading the other night...I'm seeing stripes!!!

I snagged these images from a blog called Design Intervention (click the link to see the actual before and afters on this chair).  This blogger does AMAZING things with re-upholstery.  I am completely in awe.  She finds steals and deals on furniture pieces and makes them like new again (probably even better than they were in their prime).  I have lots to learn!

She and a friend used a magazine picture for inspiration for this chair--the magazine chair is recovered with a fabric much like the one I picked out!  So, no big decisions have been made, but I am really leaning toward stripes for my chair.  Any thoughts???

P.S.--Can you tell that my helpful hubby "schooled" me on how to link websites when blogging???

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