Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I guess we won't hear "guard and protect your heart" anymore... :)

If you have no clue what the title of my post means...let me explain. Although I hate to admit it, I have gotten completely sucked in to the Bachelorette scene.  And for those that watch the show regularly, you know that Casey (or Kermit the Frog--as I like to call him) went home last night.  Thank goodness!  Although he was painfully entertaining to watch, he needed to go.  Andy and I meant to tally each time he said "guard and protect your heart," but we failed to do so.  I am certain we would have tallied at least 15-20 times!!!  My other favorite Casey line..."That's just my heart...jump on in and stay a while."  HAHA.  Does it get cheesier than that?  I think being married to a total opposite (never using one-liners or over-the-top cheeseball lines) made it even funnier for me. :)  Oh reality TV--what would I do on a Monday night without you???

On another note, I am in the middle of another painting project...yes, I am crazy.  I am actually carrying the living room color into a bit of the foyer.  I want the darker color to frame out the front door a bit better.  Hopefully I will get that finished up today. 
You don't really notice this stairwell area because the walls are so pale...I'm taking care of that!
This is the foyer area from the living room...it needed to be warmed up!!!
Another shot of the off-white...
Here is my progress so far!

We are also looking ahead to our master bath renovation.  AAAHHH!  I went ahead and drew up a projected cost last night (based on my research)...not so good.  Although we are doing many of the same changes that we made in the guest bath...we are trying to "kick it up a notch" in the master bath.  Rather than just put in a newer white countertop, we are looking into a granite-like top.  Rather than mount a flushmount light above the sink like we had done in the other bath, we are looking to do pendant lights in the master.  All of these "upgrades" are costly.  I'm glad that we went ahead and looked at a worst case scenario before tearing anything out so that there wouldn't be any surprises (hopefully).  Our goal is to get this bathroom situated before the end of my summer break...hopefully we will make some big decisions before that!!!
As you can see, we have many of the same issues in this bath.  Yes, more weird lighting and seashell sinks!
A shot of the lighting...and yes, Andy will be removing the giant mirror again. :)
You can't see it from here but we also have a rusted out drain cover...yuck!
A shot of the lovely linoleum!  Yes, it is the same as in the guest bath.  Doesn't it look like honeycomb???  We will be laying the same ceramic tile in here--I would highly suggest using the same tile across bathrooms (if you are doing multiple bathrooms)--we can finish up the other box of tile in this bathroom!!!

Have a great Tuesday!!!

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