Thursday, June 24, 2010

I feel a little bit like this...

HAHA!  These were pictures I took of the many pups last weekend while we were at my parents.  They all took nap time at the same time--too cute. 

To address the title of the post, my grandmama gave us a little bit of a scare yesterday and won herself a night's stay in the luxurious Centennial Hospital. :(  Thankfully, everything checked out today with her tests--God is good!  But, my aunt Paula and I spent some good ole' quality time eating, talking, Facebooking, and freezing in Grandmama's room at the hospital while she was having tests run and such.  Why do hospitals always make you want to eat?  Shouldn't it be the opposite?  Maybe part of it is it gives you something to do. :) 

I was thinking today... I think we have now toured nearly every hospital in Nashville with one family member or another.  If you need any advice on the best place to have a surgery or medical procedure--give us a call. :) I must admit that Centennial was really good to us (like that plug for an HCA facility, Andy?).  We met some really kind-hearted nurses and staff members--you watch for that kind of stuff when it's your grandma! 

All of this to say,  there is something highly exhausting about worrying about someone you love--I'm so glad everything looked good today.  We love you, G-mama!!!  I think we will all sleep better tonight with today's news!

We are also keeping Andy's Granny in our prayers...may God bless her test results as well!!!  We hope she gets to feeling better very soon. :)

Good Night!!!

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