Tuesday, June 8, 2010

FINISHED...for now. :)

My mom got up early this morning and started the grouting process on the tile.  Yet again, a messy job!  We were very excited to see that the grout color that we had chosen was perfect with the tile! The floors just need to sit for another day, I'll scrub the tiles down tomorrow to get the excess film/dust off, and the sealant will go on in a couple of weeks.  As much as I hate to say it (Andy hates me saying this more, I'm sure), this bathroom floor went so well it really makes me want to bite the bullet and do our bathroom!  Ours is much smaller and has less awkwardness in the way of corners and tricky tile cuts.  I have more than enough grout left over and approximately half a box of tile...can I convince Mr. Bozeman that we should go ahead with our next tile project?  Most of you can look at our home/blog and tell that I can typically convince him of taking home projects on.  He has come so far in our 6 months of marriage!!! :)  Here are a couple of pictures of the tile floor with grout:

The tile looks a bit lighter in these pictures.  This is mostly due to the remaining grout that may be on the tile.  After I wipe it down it should look just like it did in the beginning!
It is so neat to look at a finished product (that I love) and to know that I had a part in it! 

I also buckled down and finished the living room paint job.  I always start painting jobs with a lot of energy...and then I sort of struggle with finishing.  The thing that kept me going was looking at all of our furniture in the middle of the room and covered in sheets...awful!  I'm sure Andy will be happy to hear that he doesn't have to help finish the job!  Here are the "after" pictures of our living room:

I always seem to underestimate what paint can do for a room.  By warming up the walls in this room, it has really changed the overall feel.  It literally feels more "homey" now...love it!
So...there is one tiny little thing that a certain someone will have to help me with...I moved everything I could!  The armoire was simply too much for me.:)

Well, that's all for now!  Have a great Tuesday!

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