Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Drumroll please...GUEST BATH IS COMPLETE!!!

I finally forced my lovely husband to hang the mirror and shower curtain while I made the guest bathroom "shine" this afternoon.  I am very happy to say that we are finally FINISHED with this project.  Oh how sweet it is to be DONE.  Now for our master bathroom, right Andy??? :)

Please do scroll back to earlier posts regarding this bathroom.  It will really help to show the dramatic difference!  We began with what most ladies would call a digusting, bachelor pad bathroom complete with partially ripped-up flooring and a hole in the tub.  And now we have a fabulously clean and updated bathroom.  Oh how this room just needed a bit of TLC...or a lot of TLC.  Here are the "after" pics of the project!!!

Outside looking in...
Admittedly, I will be changing out the cheapo blinds on this window with a bamboo shade...we can't even get these blinds to come down!  Fair warning for guests who may use this bathroom! HAHA :)
I still love this shower curtain...I purchased it before we had even said our "I Dos" because I loved it so much.  I never knew how much better it could look in a refreshed bathroom!
New vanity top and faucet...LOVE it!  Bye-bye seashell sink and crystal knob faucet!
Full shot...
Is this a new tub?  NO!  But doesn't it look like it???  Check older posts to see how we did it!
Admittedly, this mirror is a bit too small. :(  It may eventually need to be traded out...SAD!  But it will definitely do for now!

As you can tell, we are VERY pleased with this project.  It is so nice to have things cleaned up and to see what a large transformation has taken place.  We salvaged what we could (the existing tub, cabinetry, toilet) and did ALL of the work ourselves (with my parents)--this is the key to saving precious moo-lah!  Don't be afraid to tackle big home projects (as I often am at first)--it is SO worth all of the work, sweat, and effort.  Knowing that you made the exact changes that you wanted to make without paying someone a "boo-koo" of money is such a powerful thing! 

Enjoy the rest of your week!!!

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