Monday, June 28, 2010

Completely Random...

I was very unsure of how to title this post because everything that I have to share is, well, random. :)  I'll start with yesterday's troubles.  Sometime during the day yesterday we found Andy's car looking a bit like this...

Yeah...nice, huh?  We have no idea what happened here.  I, trying not to think of all of the scary possibilities (most involving scary people throwing things at our car/shooting things at our car/etc.), like to think a small, sweet-looking fairy of sorts was fluttering around and accidentally flew into the window.  That same fairy will visit us again soon to reimburse us for the broken window.  Yes, fix a wee little window such as this one has a HEFTY price tag.  Yay for bad luck!

So thankfully today one of my best little pals, Rachel, came over to visit.  I really needed a girls' day to take my mind off of the car business.  We, as usual, went to eat at Jimmy John's (one of our favorite spots) and visited the local TJ Maxx.  Why not, right?  Well, I had no idea what was coming our way!  We walked through the art section and I, of course, had my eye out for something to go above our couch.  I have been looking for something since December (when we got the couch).  I was in the market for a wrought ironish piece because I had already put an oil painting over the fireplace and didn't want the two areas to compete.  Well, as we strolled along, I spotted a piece that didn't look much like TJ Maxx at all...slightly amused me greatly...
So naturally, I picked it up and decided to carry it around for a while (which was no small feat because it was taller than me!).  For those of you who have shopped with me before, I typically can talk myself out of purchasing things the longer that I carry them around.  So, we made our way over to the pillow section and a typical-looking Brentwood soccer mom approached us...this is where it gets interesting...

Soccer Mom:  "Are you going to buy that?"
Me (confused and slightly taken aback): "I think so."
Soccer Mom: "Well, if you aren't sure, I want to buy it."
Me (REALLY taken aback):  "I am pretty sure that I am going to get it."
Soccer Mom:  "Well, I have a friend whose son is moving back home and he needs this for a headboard.  I had hidden it in the back of the store to come back and get it.  I just called my friend and she wants it, so I had gone back to get it.  I guess you had gotten to it before that."
Me (amazed at the rudeness of this lady I DON'T know):  "Well, I 'm sorry, I just saw it sitting there and liked it.  We were just about to go find a couch to hold it over to see if it will work for me in my house."
CRAZY Soccer Mom:  "Well, I'm afraid you might not actually buy it and I really want to get it for my friend.  So how about I walk over there with you to the couches and wait to see if you like it?"

Rachel and I share a silent moment of COMPLETE awkwardness...

As Rachel and I hold the piece over a couch we've found, Soccer Mom continues badgering me.  "That doesn't really look right, does it?  It doesn't really look deep enough to go over a couch, does it?"


Me (all bets are off--this lady is crazy!):  "I actually don't think it looks all that bad."
Soccer Mom:  "Well, you just follow me on over here...I have an idea of something that will look much better."

Rachel and I again share looks of pure terror and reluctantly follow...

Soccer Mom proceeds to show us the largest old-lady print that I have ever seen.

Me: "That's not really my style.  Here's the deal, I'm probably going to purchase this piece.  If I don't, I'll put it back where I found it.  Will that work?"
Soccer Mom:  "Y'all probably think I'm crazy, huh?  Yes, I guess that will be fine."

Rachel and I run with my GIANT piece to the checkout line and pray that we never see Soccer Mom again. :)

Needless to say, I made it home with my infamous piece...and I really like it!!!
It's a little different, but in a good way...
It also doubles as a good conversational piece...I can just hear myself now..."You'll never guess what I went through to buy that piece..."

I will sleep well tonight knowing that this piece is above our couch and not in the hands of...well you know the story. :)


  1. Haha, soccer mom is CRAZY!!! I'm surprised she didn't tackle you on your way to checkout! I LOVE the purchase!

  2. Hey! I LOVE reading about your does that happen to you??? :) I love the piece and am so glad you bought it despite the crazy soccer mom!

  3. What a FUNNY story!!!! Love reading your blog!!