Monday, June 7, 2010

Busy, Busy!!!

So it has been a bit since I have posted...we have been really busy around here!!! 

Quick Recap:  The living room painting is nearly complete, a toilet was pulled, bathroom re-do items have been purchased, and as of today--ceramic tile has been laid!!!  Yes, our house is an absolute war zone.  Hopefully it will all come together soon so that we can put things back in their places. :)  Here are some pics of the various projects in action...

Yes, the furniture is in the middle of the messy!
The deeper color really helps to make the fireplace and the crown moulding it!
Haven't you always wanted to use a toilet as a chair???  Yuck!  We had to pull the toilet so that we could tile the guest bathroom floor.  This was quite a disgusting process!  There was a bit of toilet water splashing, odd smells, and cleaning up of a mysterious "funk" that was residing under the toilet.  So gross!!!
A towel had to be shoved down the toilet/sewage pipe thingy because as my dad put it, "Gases from the sewage system might come back up."  SICK!!!
A new mirror was purchased for the guest bath last week...Kirklands on sale!!!
So naturally, I had Andy use his big muscles to pry the old mirror from the wall.  He did it without breaking the mirror at all!!!
The wall after the mirror was taken off.  Not as bad as I thought it would be--nothing a little sanding, spackling, and painting can't fix. :)
Just a reminder as to exactly how gross the bathroom floor was to begin with...
A close-up of the yucky linoleum floors...the quarter round had to be removed for the tile to go down...
The tile going down!  My mom taught me as we went and I actually laid tile today!  Mom ran tiles back and forth to the saw while I "buttered" the floor for the tile.  It was a VERY messy job!
Done for the day!!! 
The tile will need to sit for the night, and then we plan to grout it tomorrow.  A good learning experience!

So as stated earlier, we have been really busy around here.  Can you tell that I am a teacher on summer break???  I'll try to make sure to update as we go!  Have a great day!

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