Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tub Re-Do!!!

While at work today, my mom went to town on our guest tub.  As explained before, we had a hole that needed to be plugged and we needed the whole tub to be refinished.  If you look back at earlier posts, the tub was off-white and in poor condition.  Therefore, my mom purchased Bondo to plug the hole and a product called Tubby to refinish the tub.  The results are AWESOME.  In case anyone out there is wondering, Tubby works on all sorts of tubs.  My mom said people have even taken green tubs and turned them white.  Just an idea!  This option is MUCH cheaper and easier than trying to completely replace a tub unit.  Here are the current pictures of the bathroom...it's a mess!!!

The tub as it drys...it is true white now!

Another shot...

If you remember, this is where the hole was previously.  You would never know it was there!!!

This is our latest art project at the house...NOT!  We are getting quite ambitious and are going to hammer/pry this mirror off of the wall.  It was glued on many moons ago (sadly enough), so it has to be demolished to get it off.  I am dying to put up a smaller, cutesyfied (not a word) mirror in its place.  So, my mom taped up the mirror this morning and I may add a bit of Saran wrap before we begin the craziness.  Basically the idea is to catch as much of the mirror as possible in the taping and wrap.  Most people suggest using plastic wrap that carpet installers use, but we certainly don't have any of that lying around.  If you do, go for it!  I'm crossing my fingers that the wall behind this isn't completely awful--we will definitely have to sand and paint at the very least.

I wanted to get a picture of the vanity top and faucet hardware because these will soon be replaced!  The big question all along was whether to salvage the vanity or not.  To save money we decided to salvage the cabinets (we refinished them with the stain and seal), but decided to get a new true white vanity top (approximately 65 bucks) and a new brushed nickel faucet (approximately 35 bucks).  All in all, a much cheaper option. 
Is this a sewage grate?  No!  This is our fabulous bathroom lighting.  Yes, we know, you wish you had one of these.  This has been the biggest question mark for us in the bathroom re-do.  How can we replace this in a way that looks appropriate/better?  We have tentatively decided to cover the existing hole/grate completely and re-wire a new light of some sort.  Does it sound like I don't know what I'm talking about?  I don't!!!  We will figure it out at some point. :)

As you can see, the bathroom is a wreck, but that's what remodeling is all about, right?  We never use this bath anyway, which makes things a lot easier. Hopefully things will continue to go smoothly and it will come together soon.  I'll keep you updated! 

I'll leave you with a non-bathroom picture.  Am I a great painter or what?  Yes, I realize this looks fairly awful--I just wanted to trim out a bit to see what the color would do in the living room.  I'm already loving the color!  What a change!

Special Shout-Out:  Mom Fitzgerald...you ROCK!  Thanks for the sweat and stinky smells you had to endure to give us a beautiful white tub!  All of our future house guests thank you too!  Love you, Mom. :)

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