Saturday, May 22, 2010

Notes from the neglectful blogger...

I was told by both my mom and husband that I needed to get on the ball with my blogging.  One might think that I naturally had TONS of time to blog now that I have finished with graduate school.  Not this week!  First, a shout-out to all of the teachers out there!  The last couple of weeks of school are absolute madness.  Report cards, reading assessments, cumulative records, and closing out your classroom are all parts of the last days of school.  Not to mention, you also have to teach/entertain your kiddos who are SO ready to be done for summer!  It has been a long week, and it certainly didn't help that I came home to an empty house (other than Duncan) all week. Andy was enjoying the city of Tampa on an audit all week, so it got a little lonely here at the house.  We survived, but I guess I never really felt much like blogging. :)

On another note, my parents came up to help us get started on the guest bath remodel.  This bathroom has been quite the eyesore lately, and you will soon see why.  The bath had to be fixed at some point, so we decided to start now.  I cannot wait to see it begin to transform.  This has been the area of the house that we usually try to ignore (look below to see why), and the area that we feel the need to explain away when people visit.  Here is a picture and a run-down of the issues we need to tackle:

I know what you may be thinking--was your bathroom affected by the flood?  Well, there was a bit of a flood (leak) while the house was a bachelor pad, and the linoleum had to be ripped up because of it--nice, huh?  We know!  So, yes, the first order of business is to tile the bathroom floor.  My mom and I have already stained and sealed the cabinets and added new knobs; however, we are looking to possibly replace the vanity top and the faucet.  We have a large, glued on mirror over the vanity that I am hoping to tear out and replace with a nice framed mirror.  We also plan to change out the lighting (I will show you what that looks like eventually) over the vanity.  As you can see, we have already painted and added new hardware for the towel holder and toilet paper holder.  But the most pressing issue?  Drumroll please...

A lovely plugged hole in the tub!!!  Oh, you think this is gross?  You should have seen it with all of the "boy funk" all over the shower as well!  So, my parents ordered a product called "Tubby" to solve the problem. 
This is the hole after all of the taping and gluey gunk had been pulled off of it.  The next step in the process involved scrubbing down the entire tub with an abrasive scrub.  Then, the entire tub was wet-sanded to remove the shine on the tub.  Then, my mom used a product called Bondo (don't you love that name?) to plug the hole.  That product has to set over a couple of days to ensure that it has plugged the hole.  I believe the next step is to sand the "Bondoed" part of the tub, and then the painting process begins.  Yes, Tubby is used to repaint and refinish a tub unit.  We are going to make this off-white tub white.  We are also hoping that it will help to mask the plugged hole.  We shall see!
The Tubby stuff...

I will try to upload more detailed pictures of the bath to show what we are really dealing with, but we'll get to that as we go.  The "before and after" shots are my favorites.  Hopefully we won't get in over our heads with this bath re-do!  We definitely have our work cut out for us. :)

On another note, Andy reminded me yesterday that we had reached the six month point in our marriage!  It has truly flown by, and we have already learned a lot about each other.  We have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in our time together already!  Duncan wanted to celebrate with us, so he decided to spice things up with my cinnamon gum yesterday morning while I was in the shower.  Will I ever learn to put my purse up high while I am away from him?
Gross, I know.  You didn't have to clean it up!

This is what he does when you yell at him.  He lays down and acts really sorry.  Of course, you feel bad for him and pet him, fully realizing that he will tear into your gum the next time he gets the chance. :)  I truly believe we may have a bad dog.  But we love him anyway!

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