Sunday, May 23, 2010

Flea Market Find...

Yesterday Duncan and I ventured to the flea market to get out of the house.  Andy was busy mowing the yard, and Duncan needed to "blow the stink off" as I often tell him.  So, as usual, Duncan sat in the backseat of the car while I played chauffeur.  As we pulled up to the ladies who were taking money at the entrance of the flea market, I rolled down my window to pay.  The next thing I know, I hear the back window roll down right behind me and a furry head pop out of the window.  I guess Duncan wanted to also greet the flea market workers.  Who knew he could figure out the window button???  Needless to say, the ladies got a BIG kick out of him.

I love taking dogs to the flea market because you are automatically very popular.  Everyone wants to pet your dog, ask what breed he/she is, etc.  Duncan was on his best and did not use the restroom on any items for sale, thank goodness.  He did have a fit when he saw the garden statues--specifically, the dog statues.  I literally had to yank him off of a Cocker Spaniel statue.  The man who ran that stand found it to be very entertaining. 

After browsing around for a short while, I could tell my furry friend was wearing thin.  I worried about his paws on the hot pavement, so I decided to take him to one more stand before we left (it was in a covered area).  I, of course, have a bit of an oil painting fetish, so I wanted to check in and see if there were any that I just had to have.  I picked Duncan up at this point and carried him under my arm.  I was a little afraid that my luck was running thin and he would hike a leg on an oil painting (that I would have to then purchase).  So, imagine me holding Duncan in one arm, my purse on the other arm, trying to search through paintings.  However, as usual, I pushed through the pain and found one that I loved.  This particular size was on sale and I got a really good deal on the frame.  So naturally, I had to have it!  What I didn't consider was how I was going to walk all the way back to the car with the framed painting and Duncan on the leash...ROUGH!  We took a break halfway to the car and I gave Duncan some bottled water while I called Andy with the news.  I'm sure he has come to dread those phone calls when he knows I am out and about with my purse. :)  He too was impressed with the reasonable price, so I knew I was okay. Duncan and I finally made it to the car and I blasted him with some air conditioning until he fell asleep in the backseat.  He is such a trooper!

Here is the painting you've been hearing so much about...
I just loved the colors in it--very bright and happy.  Loved it! 

This will probably go on one of the many empty walls in the living room.  If you remember, we have a bit of a yellow thing going in there anyway.  On that note, I am ready to don my trusty paintbrush again in the living room.  I am officially going to attack the "blahsville" theme that we have going with our paint.  The current color is Lincoln Home Beige (a well know and trusted neutral color by Porter); however, it absolutely does NOT work in this room.  We have only one window to light this large room, and so this neutral goes completely yuck (for lack of a better word) in this room.  Therefore, I am doing my usual and adding a bolder color to the walls.  I wanted a greeny-brown for this room to go with the reds and yellows I've already been adding.  After months of staring at paint swatches and a sample quart of paint later, we have chosen our color!  We are using Artifact by Sherwin Williams.  It is a step lighter than their Mossy Gold, which is obviously a greeny-brown (judging by the name).  Below are pictures of the room as it is now.  These are taken mid-day, so you can see how little light we ever get in this room.  Hopefully you will agree that we needed a bolder color on the walls!

As you can see, the color itself is not bad.  We have it in another room of the house and it works well.  I just need a little more "oomph" out of these walls. :)

The other corner of the room--still needs a little something, huh?  I am also hoping that the fireplace and the crown molding pop a bit more with a darker color on the walls.  We shall see!

The new paint!!!  I know what you may be thinking...that color looks very similar to what you have!  It really doesn't...the picture dulls it out a bit.  I think I may have made a decent choice with a paint color--woohoo!

I'll try to post pictures as I go.  It is a HUGE room compared to what I have painted so far--so it may be a while until the room is complete.  I can't wait to see the room transform!  My, what a little paint can do...

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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