Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dried peaches and corn on the cob...

First, I want to start with a link to a FABULOUS article. Several friends had tagged this on Facebook and I absolutely love it. It is a tribute to our wonderful city and the people that live here. The link: Yay for Nashville!!!

Well, as many of you know, I am still out of school. I can only assume several of our buses are ruined and many of our schools are still being cleaned up. Not to mention, many of our students and faculty have been affected in a great way by the flooding. To be perfectly honest, I have been experiencing mixed feelings regarding the flooding. First, I feel very blessed that we were some of the "lucky ones" in all of the mess. Our house was, for the most part, untouched. Yet, at the same time I feel almost guilty because of this. I've watched the news and seen the destruction, and I have driven by houses that looked as if all was lost. It seems unfair that our home would be spared and others' not. Therefore, I am left to feel that I need to do something, anything, to help out.

Therefore, I talked my dad into coming with me to the Churches of Christ Disaster Relief center yesterday to load boxes that will be taken to the flood victims. I cannot adequately express the emotions that I felt as I pulled into the parking lot at the center and found it difficult to even find a spot. There were so many church vans from all over the state lined up to help. It is a very powerful thing to work shoulder-to-shoulder with other Christians to help others in need. Although a few fellow teachers I knew were also there to work, I met a lot of really neat people. This effort is just a small part of the amazing things that are being done in this city to help those in need. May God be given the glory! Oh, and to connect to the title above, my dad and I packaged dried peaches yesterday. It was kind of funny because the last time I had been to Disaster Relief was in college and I had done the same thing! Basically, the recipients can make peach pie by soaking the peaches and adding a couple of ingredients. It was a fun morning of stinky dried fruit!

On a lighter note, Andy and I had a tasty dinner last night including corn on the cob. For whatever reason, Duncan loves fruits and veggies. He is a bit of a health-nut, you might say. So when I finished my corn last night, Duncan kept staring at me. He would not take his eyes off of the cob that I had left on my plate. So, knowing it would be video-worthy, I had Andy tape Duncan eating the remainder of my corn on the cob. Please ignore my annoying voice (does anyone else feel like their voice is AWFUL when you hear it on tape?). And, yes, we did make him clean up his mess when he finished. :) Thanks for reading!!!

***Churches of Christ Disaster Relief will also be needing help on Thursday at 10:00 to load more boxes for the flood victims. If I am still out of school, I will be there! Come join the fun!!!

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