Thursday, April 22, 2010

"This looks good."

You might be wondering about the title of my post. Was this Andy's comment about a dinner I had cooked recently? No. Was this something I had said about an outfit in a dressing room lately? No--Target really hasn't fit my fancy lately.:) Was this what one of the lunch ladies said as she slopped a pile of mush on a student's plate this week? Definitely not. This was the exact feedback that I received from my professor regarding my final Action Research paper. After 54 pages, I guess I expected more of a critique, perhaps some ideas for improvement. But no, I received this. It has actually made me smile several times today. After all of that hard work, stress, loss of any form of social life, neglect of my husband and dog, etc.--my paper "looks good." Well, I guess that is better than, "This looks bad." There is always a positive side to things, right? :)

Since my latest posts have been...well...BORING, I felt that it was time to spice things up. Therefore, I will leave you with an oldie but goodie. Way back when, Duncan the dog was scared to death of storms. Well, I should say, "weather" of any kind. He would literally hear a few sprinkles outside and head for the bathtub. He would proceed to pace back and forth in the tub until the "weather" had passed. I think the turning point for our furry little friend occured when he met Andy. Andy was a man's man in Duncan's young eyes, so he must have felt that he needed to "man up" and get over his fear of storms. He rarely ever hides during even the worst of weather anymore...don't get me wrong, he will tremble from head to toe until it passes, but he will at least stay out of the tub. The picture listed below was taken long ago while Duncan was still a scaredy dog. I must have gotten a towel out of this cabinet and gotten in the shower, because Duncan seemed to find the only other hiding place he could think of if the tub was taken. This picture NEVER gets old...boy did he need a haircut!!!

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