Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A new appreciation for HGTV...

With many of the new home updates that we have made, I have found out what my mom has been trying to tell me for years...HGTV is cool! I have even got Andy watching House Hunters and Sell This House occasionally. For those of you who know him well, this is quite a feat!

One of the shows I have recently gotten into is Property Virgins. Basically, the show features a couple shopping for a home for the first time--thus, the name of the show. I think one of the reasons I enjoy this show is because I get to see what people go through in looking for their first home. Due to our relationship's timing, I never really had the chance to "home shop" with Andy. We had only been dating a few months when he started looking for a home, and I felt SUPER weird about going with him to look at potential homes/giving input. We were at that awkward phase where we weren't 110% positive that we were the "real deal." Things looked promising, but things can change, as we both had found before. :) So, Andy looked around with a realtor and decided on a home all on his own. Thus, I totally missed out on the home-buying process.

Therefore, I am obsessed with watching young couples like us choose their perfect first place. Yes, in all honesty, I hate that we didn't really have that experience together. However, from what I have seen on this show, I am concerned that I might have been as annoying as any one of the girls that are featured. "No, honey, I wanted ALL stainless steel appliances." "Well, this house is nice, but I really wanted a nice pool out back." "I really wanted hardwood floors in our first home." I always wonder, would I have been that way-- demanding the perfect home as our first home? I hope not!

I will definitely say that our home has taught me a lot so far. It takes a lot of work sometimes to make things "beautiful," or at least the way you want them. Had I been granted the perfectly updated first home, I would have missed out on the learning process/crazy projects that we have undertaken together. At least, this is what we tell ourselves, right Andy?
Question: Have we "bitten off more than we can chew?" Only time will tell!

Did you get the pun that WAS intended? Awesome!!!

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