Sunday, April 11, 2010

New additions to the family...

So we have a few new additions as of this week...appliances! Our new refrigerator and microwave came in and they look so much better! Our previous ones were both white, older, and were a bit too small. Here are the new items in their new homes!

Here is the LOVELY old fridge. I feel that this may have been the orginal Kenmore refrigerator. It was really small, old, and had apparently been leaking from behind. So as soon as I could convince Andy of it, we replaced it!!!

I just had to get a picture of the interior. The light, as you can see, is not on. However, the light would occasionally flash on and off quickly as you opened the door--CREEPY. It felt like we had a weird strobe light thing going on in our kitchen. Can I just say that there is also something weird about using a refrigerator that has been used for many years by someone else? You never feel quite right about it...

TAH-DAH! The new refrigerator! We actually ended up getting the Frigidaire Gallery line regrigerator that matches our dishwasher. I was really pleased with the way it fit in the space. A much better look!

The twin appliances. :)

Ah...the refrigerator the way that I like it. Some (my mom included) might say it's cluttered (which it is), but I say it's just right! I began collecting magnets when I traveled to different countries in college. I have also asked Andy to bring me magnets back from the places he visits with his work. Eventually I may have to pick and choose my favorites. :)

The new and improved microwave! Much like the refrigerator, it will be nice to know that any "funk" to be found on the interior of this appliance will be our own. :)

So the kitchen is REALLY close to being complete. We still need to make a fairly major repair to the ceiling and lighting (we ripped out the old light box recently), but I refuse to put pictures up of the nastiness until I can show the "finished" pictures along with them. Yes, it is that bad! I have to say, this process has been really drawn out, frustrating, and costly; however, I don't think I would change a thing. Andy and I are learning how to budget, do things ourselves, and to be patient with one another as we fix up our home. Would it be nice to swipe the ole' credit card and have some fancy contractor do it all for us? YES!!! But, I feel much prouder of our results because we did it ourselves(with a lot of help from family).

I'll leave you with a few pictures of the men in my life. The weather was just too gorgeous today to miss out on grilling out. So Andy started up the grill and made us some AWESOME turkey burgers. Duncan was right there with him trying to learn all he could about the art of grilling (and trying to catch any bits of meat that might be dropped!).

Andy at the grill! Notice Duncan keeping a close eye on the meat. :)


The Boys

Thanks so much for reading! Have a wonderful week!

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