Monday, April 5, 2010

More home updates...

So, after a HUGELY fattening Easter meal at Grandmama's, my parents headed back to our house to finish up the kitchen. My dad had brought the saw that we needed to cut the trim pieces, so he got right to work. We then decided to stain the trim pieces to match the backsplash rather than leaving them the true white. It was too much of a contrast. Here are pictures with the trim...backsplash is DONE!

Backsplash with the it isn't's the paint treatment. :)

The backsplash with all of my "clutter"back in its place...the way it should be. :)

We also got a little carried away with other projects while my parents were in. For anyone who has been to our house, you might have noticed that we had a BEAUTIFUL (haha) set of sliding doors INSIDE our house. Yes, you might typically see these in an old apartment building leading out to a small balcony, but we were so lucky as to have them INSIDE our house. An addition was put on to the house several years back, and I guess the sliding doors were what had led to the backyard previously. Well, the owners decided to just keep the doors when they added on! Awesome idea, right? So, all that to say, I have NEVER liked these doors. They have never made sense to me, and they are not easy to slide back and forth. So, in our craziness yesterday I had Andy and my dad start hacking away at the doors (literally). What an insane project that was!!! Basically, the carpet butted up to the runner that held the doors in place. My dad had to mutilate the sliding door frame, and then the boys had to peel back some of the carpet to rip (literally) the doors out. We may have cost my dad a few more hairs from his head after this adventure. However, the boys did manage to get the doors out and to the garage. Now we have to clean up the molding and find a transitional floor piece to connect the carpet to the wood floors in the kitchen. The improvements NEVER end! Here is a picture of the massive opening we have now created from the kitchen to the bonus room...

I know, I know. It's quite a large doorway...but it feels much more open! We may eventually break down and get french doors put in...we shall see. Money doesn't grow on trees, guys! Andy aren't you proud??? :)

And last but not least, I had Andy handle one more project this weekend. Our back doors had some old, beaten up blinds on them. So, I splurged and bought some bamboo blinds. HEY...I'm tutoring for extra pay, okay? Can you see how I justify purchases around our house? :) Anyways, they are absolutely ADORABLE if I do say so myself...excellent job Handy Andy!

Well, Andy is on his way...we are off to Lowes...AGAIN! Have a great night! Anyone else hoping that Kate gets kicked off DWTS this week? She's ridiculously bad!

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